Playground Flooring Ideas

Playground Flooring Ideas

If you’ve got kids around your home, you must have realized how important having a shock-absorbent safe playground is. The key to a safe playground is using safe play sets, imbibing safety rules, and using the right flooring.

Different flooring ideas will suit different playgrounds, from artificial grass to rubber tiles and even playground maps. These materials have merits and demerits, but they all provide beauty and safety for kids as they play.

Considerations Before Getting Any Playground Flooring Option

There are a few things you must keep in mind as you search for an ideal playground flooring option. These factors will affect what flooring is best for you. Here are some of these considerations:

The Kind Of Playset You Will Be Placing On The Playground

You have to factor in the kind of play set in your playground, as it will affect the flooring, you should go for. If you have a specific play set, ensure you get the flooring with a fall height rating appropriate for the play set. The higher the play set, the softer you want the playground flooring to be for safety reasons.

The Amount Of Space

You must measure the space you have in your playground to get the right size or quantity of flooring that will be ideal for the playground. Too few flooring materials mean that the playground will not be adequately covered while getting too much flooring material is wasteful.

Review your budget:

There are different playground flooring, and they come at different prices. Researching the cost and benefits of different flooring options is essential to make the most from every buck you speed on that playground flooring.

Will The Installation Be Done DIY Or Professionally

You should determine beforehand if you will install the playground flooring by yourself – that is, if you have the requisite knowledge or if you will require the help of a professional who will do a better job. You must know their professional fee and then factor it into your budget.

The Looks And Texture

While you are the one buying the flooring materials, it is the kids that will be playing on them. Hence, getting the flooring material your kids will love and find is essential.

The Flooring’s “Fall Height”

The “fall height” of playground flooring refers to the highest point a kid can fall from a play set onto the floor without serious injury. The higher the fall height, the better because it shows the flooring has a better shock absorbency. A fall height of 1 to 2 feet is most common for most small playsets for toddlers, while a 4 feet fall height is better for older kids.

Playground Flooring Ideas

The playground is an integral part of kids’ lives because it is a place where they play, socialize and explore their environment while also stimulating, which brings them physical, mental and psychological development. Kids are very imaginative and adventurous, and these qualities make for creativity. The suitable playground setting provides them with the opportunity to have fun as well as enables them to develop their creativity.

There are different flooring ideas you can have on your kid’s playground, and here are some viable options:

Rubber Play Bark Flooring

Rubber Play Bark Flooring

This playground flooring, also referred to as bonded rubber mulch surfacing, is ideal for playgrounds because of its natural looks, durability, and design that provides both a safe and aesthetically pleasing environment for kids to explore their world.

Why You Will Love Rubber Play Bark Flooring

1. They are environmentally friendly because they are made of recycled rubber products like recycled car tires.

2. The design of the rubber play bark flooring is so flexible that it can be installed underneath already existing climbing play units or onto the grass because of its natural look.

3. This flooring is soft, safe, and absorbent, leaving the playground always looking clean.

4. Rubber play bark flooring comes in different colour options, from natural-looking hues like emerald green and bronze to dark orange.

5. They are easy to maintain, and you don’t have to worry about damage from surface water or flood as they have fast drainage. 

Rubber Playground Tiles

Rubber Playground Tiles

These are some of the most popular safety surfacing for playgrounds because they come in different colors and thicknesses. Most playground tiles are porous, allowing water to penetrate through the floor, ensuring that the playground surface remains dry even after heavy rain.

Why People Love Rubber Playground Tiles

1. Rubber playground tiles are very safe for kids to run, jump and fall on as they play.

2. These tiles come in very different colors, so you can choose the one that fits into the whole theme of your backyard or just the colors your kid loves.

3. These rubber tiles make for comfort, especially as they provide a smooth, shock-absorbent surface for kids to play across.

4. Even though rubber tiles are a little more expensive than some other flooring options, they are a safer and more resilient option for the long term.

Rubber Playground Mats

Rubber Playground Mats

We know that rubber playground mats are used mainly under swings and slides but can also be used all over the playground. These mats are so durable that you have no worries as kids jump, swing, slide and generally have a good time in the playground.

Why People Love Rubber Playground Mats

1. These mat helps to protect the main floor of the playground from wear and tear.

2. They provide cushions for kids if they fall while swinging or sliding. That is why some of them are fall height rated.

3. These heavy-duty playground mats cannot be easily stolen or slide out from under your kid during a hard stop.

Playground Turf

Playground Turf

Playground turf is made of polyethene fibre which is UV resistant. They are soft to the touch, which gives them that natural grass feel. They are heat and frost resistant and can withstand heavy traffic – especially if you get one of premium quality.

Why People Love Playground Turf

1. Most playground turfs have padding underneath, which serves both as a safety zone for kids to play freely and as a cushion or shock absorber as they play.

2. Playground turf is made of Eco-friendly materials which do not pollute the environment.

3. Playground turf looks just like natural grasses but has the advantage that they do not require mowing or watering.

4. Playground turf requires less maintenance than its natural substitute or other playground surfaces. Unlike grass, you don’t have to water, now or apply fertilizers.

Wet pour rubber Flooring

Wet pour rubber Flooring

This smart flooring option for playgrounds, outdoor recreation and other wet play environments ensures kids’ safety. Wet pour rubber flooring is made of EPDM, synthetic granular rubber and is between 1 to 4mm thick.

Wet pour offers a soft surface for children to jump and play on, and it is installed as one continuous surface all around the playground.

Why People Love Wet Pour Rubber Flooring

1. They can absorb the impact of kids who fall during play, reducing the possibility of injuries.

2. Pour Rubber flooring has very slip-resistance, which is one of the reasons why they are pretty popular as playground flooring.

3. Pour rubber flooring presents you with a wide array of colours and designs. Some even incorporate designs such as animals, vehicles or even a school logo which can stimulate children to learn as they play.

Pea Gravel

Pea Gravel

Pea gravel is an inexpensive flooring option which is easy to install. They are very good at repelling insects, so you don’t need to worry about those pesky creatures disturbing your kids as they play. They, however, do not provide shock absorbency either can kids in wheelchairs or those on mobile devices quickly move over them.

Why People Love Pea Gravel Playground Flooring

1. They are pretty inexpensive.

2. They are readily available.

Sand As A Playground Flooring Option

Like pea gravel, sand is affordable, readily available, easy to install, and provides good cushioning. The problem with sand as a playground flooring material is that it can conceal sharp objects, animal waste and other debris. The second problem with sand is that kids are always tempted to eat or throw sand and can carry it on their clothes and shoes.

Why People Love Sand As A Playground Flooring Option

2 It is easy to install

2. It is cheap and readily available.


Choosing the appropriate playground surface is very important because it can be the difference between kids having a good day at the playground or hurting themselves as they run, jump and fall as they play.

Different flooring options go on the playground floor, from rubber mulch to artificial grass and even sand and pea gravel, and they all have their advantages. The watchword, however, must always be “safety first”, no matter the option we go for.

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On is more straightforward than it might seem. However, it would be best to consider certain factors, such as your budget, the size of your playground and your community’s vision. When it comes down to it, safety should always be the priority when choosing a surface.

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