What Is The Most Sought After STIHL Chainsaw?

Since 1926 when the first chainsaw from the STIHL company was made, they have made many different versions that are innovative and always an improvement on the previous version.

Since STIHL is renowned for its durable and dependable chainsaw, little wonder its chainsaws are easily the most sought after.

With a plethora of chainsaws from the STIHL brand, you might be at a crossroads as to which is the best for you, and so today, we have compiled several chainsaws from the brand in question that we consider the most sought after of all STIHL chainsaws, with STIHL MS 461 topping the list.

Why Are The STIHL Brand Of Chainsaws So Popular

Stihl chainsaws are extremely popular because of their efficiency, reliability, and the comfort they give as you use them. Below are some of the reasons many people use the Stihl brand of chainsaws:

1. They Offer a Wide Variety of Chainsaws

The Stihl company produces a lot of different products to meet the needs of its teeming customers.

From their monster-sized chainsaws for cutting through thick tree trunks to smaller models for occasional use, you will find many others in-between to suit your needs.

2. They Have Multiple Power Sources

Gas and batteries power different Stihl chainsaws and direct electricity; this ensures that you can choose how your chainsaw gets powered.

3. They Offer Great Value

While Stihl chainsaws cannot be said to be cheap, they are worth every penny you spend on them, especially in terms of efficiency and durability compared with other products from its competition.

4. Their Chainsaws are Innovative

The chainsaw brand believes in continuous improvement of their chainsaw, which is great, especially coming from a company at the Apex of the chainsaw industry. There is always something innovative about all their products; they are also looking to outdo themselves.

The 7 Categories of Chainsaws That Stihl Offers

In line with Stihl’s ethos of providing its customers with a variety of chainsaws that meets all their needs, there are 7 main categories of chainsaws from their stead, and they are:

1. Homeowner Chainsaws:

As the name implies, these are chainsaws designed to be used around the home to cut firewood. These chainsaws use anti-vibration technology that reduces the vibration and fatigue associated with cutting down trees and branches.

The smaller models like the MS 170 are great for light cutting and pruning. Mid-range chainsaws, like the MS 251, are great for felling trees.

2. Farm & Ranch Chainsaws

These are more powerful than the homeowner’s chainsaws because it is meant for heavy-duty tasks. These chainsaws are meant for frequent home use, especially those who cut lots of wood.

3. Professional Chainsaws

These chainsaws are for extensive and frequent use, especially for logging companies. They have a reliable cutting performance, which is why professional workers use them.

4. Electric & Battery-Powered Chainsaws

These emission-free quieter chainsaws are almost as powerful as professional chainsaws, but they are used mostly for lighter cutting tasks. These chainsaws are comfortable, lightweight, and yet very tough, usually battery-powered.

5. Gas-Powered Chainsaws

These are some of the best-selling chainsaws and are meant mostly for professionals or ordinary consumers that want powerful yet portable chainsaws. They are usually of premium quality.

6. In-Tree Chainsaws

If you are looking to cut tree branches from an elevated height, then this category of chainsaw is for you. It is little wonder it is called an arborist saw because it is used mostly for tree services and surgery, landscaping, and the like.

What Is The Most Sought After STIHL Chainsaw?

You can use many parameters to determine which of the many Stihl chainsaws are the best, but we will limit ourselves to ergonomics.

To cut down a tree or its branches efficiently, the chainsaw you are using must feel comfortable in your hands. We believe these are some of the points that make some Stihl chainsaws more in demand than others.

1. Balance:

How a tool you use feels in your hand can depend on a few factors, but there are some tools that, in whatever condition, they feel a lot more comfortable to work with; these are tools designed with the comfort of users in mind.

The best Stihl chainsaws feel balanced in your hands, and your hands should not be stressed out when cutting or as you rock the chainsaw back and forth on the bucking spikes, especially when you are cutting larger trunks.

2. Trigger comfort

We consider the best feeling trigger to be ones that retract flush with the handle and do not leave a raised bump that you will have to push against with your finger.

The triggers of some professional chainsaws are big e ough for 2 fingers to fit into them, while others have extra long triggers, which gives you more room to vary your grip stance for comfort.

3. Comfort of Cutting Sideways

How comfortable a chainsaw feels in hand and the ease of operating the trigger while feeling cuts sideways is also a very important factor that many look for in the Stihl chainsaw they want to buy.

4. The Thickness of The Handle

Generally speaking, it is more comfortable to use chainsaws with thicker handles because they have broad edges, making them feel soft in the hand as you work with the chainsaw. Chainsaws that have rubber handle surfaces are also soft to the feel as the padding gives you more grip.

5. The Weight of The Chainsaw

Many people do not feel the weight of the chainsaw they are using as they work with it but feel its force when they are not cutting and can easily carry it from one point to another.

Most professional chainsaws have a weight that ranges from 6 to 16 pounds. Heavier chainsaws are usually heavier to carry.

The Most Sought After Stihl Chainsaws

Below are some of the most sought chainsaws from the Stihl brand:


Most Sought After STIHL Chainsaw

This is a battery-powered top-rated, and is effective for simple logging activities like firewood cutting, pruning, and the like.

It is not for serious work like cutting down thick hardwoods. This chainsaw works very quietly because of its 36V battery, and when it is fully charged, it can work non-stop for up to 45 minutes ( The battery drains quite fast if you are trying to use it to cut very thick trunks


1. It is a lightweight, compact chainsaw; it weighs just 8. 19 pounds.

2. It is a battery-powered chainsaw.

3. It is a small chainsaw with a guide bar of 10-14 inches.


1. It has a long-lasting battery

2. It is easy to use and cuts with ease.

3. It does not make a lot of sound while in use

4. It is not heavy

5. It comes with a 3-years warranty.

Check it out here!

2. STIHL MS 271 Farm Boss

Most Sought After STIHL Chainsaw

As the name implies, it is used mostly on a ranch or farm, and it cuts very efficiently anything you throw at it. It is a gas-powered chainsaw with a 50.22cc engine and an air filtration system that makes the chainsaw work smoothly.


1. It has a very large engine that gives optimal power.

2. It is a gas-powered chainsaw.

3. It weighs 12.3 pounds.

3. It has an air filters system


1. It is neither too lightweight nor heavy and is ideal for most users.

2. It is an easy-to-use chainsaw.

3. It has immense power for doing heavy jobs.

See here!

3. STIHL MS 251 C-BE

Most Sought After STIHL Chainsaw

This classic chainsaw runs on gas, is lightweight, and can take to a 16-18 inch bar. It comes with a chain tightener and surprisingly has reduced vibration, which means that users can comfortably use the machine for a longer time without the annoying shakes common with such devices when you use them for a long.


1. Its engine size is 45. 6cc

2. It has reduced vibration

3. It weighs 11.9 pounds which makes it very portable.

4. It has a chain tightener, so you will not need to get a separate tool.


1. This chainsaw is easy to start

2. It is powerful and reliable

3. It has a 1-year warranty

4. It is lightweight and very easy to use.

5. It has very low emissions making it an Eco-friendly machine.

See here!

4. STIHL MS 461

Most Sought After STIHL Chainsaw

This is a professional chainsaw that many logging companies favor. It is heavy because it can hold up a 32-inch bar.

However, it is a very expensive chainsaw that requires tightening from the to time. This is arguably the most sought professional chainsaw from the Stihl’s stead.


1. It has a very large engine ( 76. 5cc)

2. It is Avery heavy machine.

3. It can hold up a 32-inch bar.


1. It is a versatile chainsaw used for different cuttings.

2. It has a powerful engine that can cut almost any tree trunk

3. It is easy to start and use and reliable.

See here!


Most Sought After STIHL Chainsaw

This is an electric chainsaw that is designed for light logging tasks. It is designed with safety in mind. It has an additional chain braking system which stops the chain immediately in an emergency


1. It is an electric chainsaw.

2. It can hold up just 12- 16-inches bar

3. It gives a 13. 1 amp power.

4. It has an additional chain braking system.

5. It also has a tension adjuster that has a knob that is used to tighten the chain easily.


1. Because it is powered by electricity, you do not have to deal with gas fumes, making it environmentally friendly.

2. This machine is easy to start and also easy to use

3. It is lightweight, making it very easy to be carried.

See here!


You cannot talk about the quality product in the Chainsaw world without talking about the Stihl range of chainsaws; they are arguably the most popular chainsaw brand worldwide.

They have a wide variety of products to meet their customers. Still, they also boast premium, reliable and durable products, so if you are looking for a chainsaw to cut down trees in your backyard or just cut some tree branches.

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