How To Keep Brisket Warm For Long (For 3 - 10 Hours)

How To Keep Brisket Warm For Long (For 3 – 10 Hours)

If you’ve had a good brisket, you know it is best served warmly. With this in your mind, timing is everything you need.

Whether going to a party or cooking for loved ones, learning how to keep brisket warm for a long time is a great skill you need to ensure you don’t go around serving this dish cold.

This article provides a detailed guide on how to keep your brisket warm for 3-10 hours and how to reheat it just in case things don’t go as planned.

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How To Keep Brisket Warm For Long 

How To Keep Brisket Warm For Long 

It’s one thing to have a cold brisket and another to serve it cold and dry. Here are three effective methods for keeping brisket warm and moist for a long time, and by a long time, we are talking about 3-10 hours.

Use an Oven

This straightforward method requires you to seal your brisket with foil or pink butcher paper and heat it in the oven at a low temperature of about 150°F-170°F.

Bake it at this temperature for an hour, then turn off the oven. Do not open the oven door to preserve the heat and allow your brisket to stay warm for a longer time.

One reason this method is widely preferred is that aside from keeping the brisket warm, it also preserves its moisture, flavor, and doneness. Further heating may lead to your brisket drying up.


It may do the trick if you have a thick insulating cooler or container in your home. Since coolers are generally used to keep things cool, you must follow a different procedure to keep your brisket warm. The first step is to ensure that your cooler is thick enough and suitable for high temperatures.

Wrap the briskets in foil paper or store them in plastic wrap, cover it with a towel and pour some hot water into the cooler, and wet the towel with a little of this hot water.

Monitor the temperature of the cooler’s environment and ensure it stays at 140°F or a little high. Another tip is to wrap the cooler’s exterior to preserve the heat.

If you want to go all out, wrap some bricks in aluminum foil and heat them in an oven at 275°-325°F for about 30-60 minutes.

Carefully take the bricks out of the oven and wrap them with many towels to preserve and reduce the intensity of the heat. Place the cooler on the bricks to increase how long your brisket stays warm. A heating pad can also be used underneath the cooler as an alternative.

Use a Hot Box

A hot box is usually used in restaurants, and it can keep food items warm for as long as 10-17 hours. If you’ve ever seen a metal box resembling a mini fridge in a fancy restaurant, you may be looking at a hot box.

All you need to do is let your brisket cool down after smoking. Then you can store it in a hot box when it is excellent. Be sure to keep the door closed to prevent heat from escaping.

How To Reheat Brisket After Resting

Just like warming a brisket, reheating it can be done in an oven. The only challenge with reheating is that you must be very careful, or you may lose the moisture in your meat. Here are the steps you need to follow to reheat your brisket correctly without drying it up.

  1. Preheat your oven to 225°F-250°F
  2. If your brisket rested, it should have been wrapped in foil paper. Take off the foil paper using your hand or a pair of kitchen scissors.
  3. Keep your brisket on a sheet tray and add 2-3 pieces of butter. An alternative is using the juice you used to smoke the brisket.
  4. Heat the brisket in the oven for 1 hour and 15 minutes. The butter on the brisket helps keep your meat moist and adds flavor to it
  5. After heating it in an oven, you can bring it out and serve

How To Keep Your Brisket Moist After Slicing

How To Keep Your Brisket Moist After Slicing

Different situations can make your brisket dry out; unfortunately, slicing it is one of those situations. To ensure your brisket doesn’t dry out after slicing, Do not slice it when it’s boiling. It will dehydrate it quickly.

Instead, it would be best to let it cool down until its temperature hits 140-150 degrees and slice your brisket only when you eat it immediately.

In a case where your brisket dries out after slicing, here are some actions you can take.

Rehydrate it

Rehydrate your brisket in a plastic or Ziplock bag and keep it in boiling water for about half an hour. It should restore it to its previous state of being moist.

Sauce it

It can be a different way to serve brisket. To prepare the sauce, sauté some butter in a pan, and when it turns golden, pour in some white peppercorns, garlic cloves, minced shallots, and some black peppercorns.

Pour in 1 cup of beef stock and reduce the heat to allow it to simmer until the mixture has been reduced to exactly one cup.

Pour 1½ cup of heavy cream and ¼ cup of brandy into the mixture and allow it to be reduced again to just 1 cup. Add two teaspoons of lemon juice and cornstarch into the mixture to form a thick sauce, then pour this sauce all over your brisket. This sauce will add more flavor to your brisket; you don’t have to eat it dry.

Turn It Into Something New

You can serve your brisket dry, or you can save everyone the uncomfortable feeling of chewing a dry brisket by transforming it into a new delicacy. Some examples of what you can turn dry briskets into include; beef stew,

 Tips To Help You Prevent Your Brisket From Drying Out

If you know briskets very well, then there are two types. Trimmed and untrimmed briskets. Untrimmed briskets are also called packers and are popularly used for barbecue, while trimmed briskets known for their flatness. The tips covered in this section help you, but the ideal meat for brisket, this way, only dries out slowly.


If the meat you choose for brisket has a layer of fat on top, then you have done a great job choosing the right meat. This meat doesn’t let the heat off easily and adds more flavor during preparation.

You can get prime, choice, or select cuts of briskets, but select is the least expensive and has a minor layer of fat or marbling. Prime has more layers of fat or marbling, but it comes at a high price.


There is a joy that comes with getting a lot of meat at a low price but not being tempted to buy more than you need when dealing with briskets.

Preparing this dish requires accuracy with your oven, temperature, and timing. Using all these methods for a large piece of meat, as you would for a small one, can cause your brisket to receive low heat.


The section below covers additional information on keeping your brisket warm, reheating, and moist.

How long can I keep brisket warm in the oven?

If you have chosen to use an oven to keep your brisket warm before serving, then you should know that you get another 4 hours to keep your brisket warm. However, this time is guaranteed if you use the right temperature and do not open your oven door.

How can I keep brisket warm overnight?

A hot box is your best bet to keep your brisket warm overnight or for about 10 hours. This equipment is most likely to be found in restaurants as they are designed for commercial purposes, but if you have one, you can use it.

How do you rest a brisket overnight?

Rest your brisket by wrapping it in aluminum foil for some time. Resting helps improve the tenderness of your meat and its moisture retention. It can only happen when the brisket is adequately wrapped to prevent the fluid from leaking out and the brisket from drying up.


Preparing brisket can be tedious as it requires you to monitor temperature and timing constantly. All of these make it easy for something to go wrong.

One of the challenges of preparing brisket is keeping it warm before serving, and this is important if you have guests coming over and unplanned situations occur.

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This article prepares you for this moment by providing three practical ways to keep brisket warm for 3-10 hours. You may also want to check out: How to Tell if Brats are Done on Grill Without a Thermometer.

Reading further, you will discover how to reheat this meat and keep it brisket warm without drying out after serving. The FAQ section should answer any other questions you have concerning this topic.

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