Can You Replace The Base of a Basketball Hoop?

Can You Replace The Base of a Basketball Hoop?

Basketball is an exciting game to watch and play. It is a game that requires lots of energy, jumping, and running, and the basketball hoop bears the brunt because it gets a lot of bashing as players try to dunk with all that force.

It does not come as a shock; therefore, when the hoop cracks or breaks, and when this happens, the base of the hoop is also affected.

Most bases of portable basketball hoop is made of high-density polyethylene, a type of very durable plastic, but when they get cracked, it isn’t easy to fix in some cases, which means you just need to replace the base of the hoop.

The Different Types Of Basketball Hoop

The Different Types Of Basketball Hoop

The hoop and the basketball ball are two basic units of the game. There are three main types of hoops used in playing the game:

  • Portable Hoop
  • In-ground Hoop
  • Wall-mounted Hoop

Portable Basketball Hoop

These portable hoops are stabilized by filling their bases with water or sand. These hoops are susceptible to cracking or breaking, especially if kept outside and exposed to the elements.

Another major drawback of the portable hoop is that they are unstable, especially the low-quality units that usually shake or vibrate under impact.

In-Ground Basketball Hoop

As the name suggests, these are basketball hoops permanently anchored to the ground with concrete. In-ground hoops are very stable, and so do not shake nor vibrate under impact.

They are usually used in sports centers and mostly outdoor facilities where those who are serious about gameplay.

One of the significant drawbacks of In-ground hoops is that they are permanent and cannot be moved from place to place. Secondly, these hoops require installation with concrete, and the whole thing is more stressful and expensive.

Wall Mount Basketball Hoop

Wall-mount basketball hoops were trendy until a portable basketball hoop was introduced, which was cheap and mobile.

Wall-mounted hoops have the advantage that they do not require a pole that holds the base and the rim, all you need is the basketball rim, and you can mount it on a wall and enjoy the game.

Wall-mounted hoops are relatively stable units because of the support the brackets used to attach them to a wall give. The only drawback is that you can only fix it on a sturdy wall that can take the weight and impact of the play.

Can You Replace The Base of a Basketball Hoop?

Can You Replace The Base of a Basketball Hoop?

Yes, you can replace the base of your basketball hoop if it is damaged beyond repair. The only problem is that only some manufacturers sell spare basketball hoop bases.

But some companies like Spalding, with spare basketball bases for sale, recommended that the base be used only on specific models of their compatible basketball hoops.

In the case of the Spalding basketball hoop, to find a suitable replacement base, you will have to check the model number for the portable basketball hoop, which usually is two sets of numbers.

The first number will be a 2-digit number located at the base, while the other 2-digit number will be located near the fill hole where you put the water or sand, which is the model number.

So, if your portable basketball hoop model is a 68 model, you must get a replacement base for a 68 model or any other Spalding basketball hoop model that starts with the number 68.

For portable basketball hoops with no replacement part, your best option for dealing with a broken base is to convert it to an in-ground hoop. You can do this comfortably with the aid of a product called ProBase which replaces the plastic base on all types of portable basketball hoops, and the good news is that it is compatible with all poles on the market, irrespective of their shape or size.

Probase is a unique 100% steel product designed to anchor portable basketball hoops to the ground in as little as 1 hour. It’s a sturdy and ready-to-use anchor which is as reliable as an In-ground system using concrete.

However, the good news is that it is removable whenever you want to relocate them or keep them away from the elements.

So, for broken basketball hoop bases, you can decide to convert them into an In-ground hoop by the use of ProBase, which you do by simply removing the base of the portable hoop and replacing it with ProBase, which is like an anchor that uses nuts and bolts to secure the portable hoop to the ground.

How To Fix Cracked Basketball Hoop Base

How To Fix Cracked Basketball Hoop Base

If the base of your portable basketball hoop is not broken behind salvaging, then you adopt any of these methods to repair it:

Use Caulk

You have a small hoop that has its backboard to be 44 inches or less. Then you can use fiberglass-reinforced caulk to repair a cracked or broken base and to do this. You will need the following:

Fibreglass reinforced caulk

Damp cloth

Rubbing alcohol


1. Locate the exact point where there is a crack or leak by pressing the entire base with your hands.

2. The next thing to do is to drain the base of your portable basketball system, and you do this by turning the base of the hoop on its sideways and letting the water or sand run out. When the water or sand reaches the cracked or ruptured place, the water will stop flowing, but you should stop just below the cracked level.

3. Now clean the cracked area with a cloth and rubbing alcohol to remove any sand particles or debris. Ensure that the surface is dry before taking the next step.

4. Now fill the crack with caulk and ensure that the quantity used is sufficient.

6. Allow the base an hour to dry, and you can smooth the caulk afterward. You can apply a coat of paint to conceal the repair.

Use adhesive or resin.

Adhesives or resins have excellent bonding capabilities but cannot be used to create strong bonds with fiberglass that will fix a crack. If you sand the base surface before attempting to repair the crack and apply some flame, you will get a good result.


1. Place a layer of resin or adhesive on the base’s interior over the crack, extending it at least an inch beyond the cracked area.

2. Now join a piece of fiberglass material into the adhesive or resin

3. Apply a layer of adhesive or resin over the patch cloth to lay the second patch on top of the first fiberglass material. It will ensure that the edges overlap the first layer by about an inch.

4. You can apply a third layer of glue and fiberglass to ensure the crack is completely fixed.

5. Patch layers should be placed over the interior of the base. On the exterior of the base, you should drip the patch directly on the cracked surface and scout an inch around the cracked area. Afterward, sand the area just patched, so it is on the same level as the other part of the base.

Use concrete

Fixing a cracked or broken basketball hoop base is the easiest way. All you must do is fill the hoop base with concrete, and your work is done. Remember, concrete is a high-quality patching material that will hardly leak.


A portable basketball hoop receives the most significant impact during a game, so sometimes, its base cracks or breaks.

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While some of these bases can be repaired, others need a spare base. Hence the best option is to use ProBase to anchor the hoop to the ground or try to fix the crack. You may also want to check out How To Install a Basketball Hoop on A Garage Wall or House?

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