How To Block Wind On Patio And Deck

How To Block Wind On Patio And Deck

Your patio and deck are a relaxation spot in the home like no other because it gives you the best of two worlds: you can enjoy the comfort of your home and the beauty of the outdoors. Wind, however, can keep you from enjoying that staycation you desire.

It calls for using wind blocks like a trellis, artificial wind blocks, curtains, trees, and other such materials and structures to protect you from gusts of wind that can blow things away, keep you cold, and spoil your day.

So if you live in a windy area, you must find a way to block the wind from damaging your patio, deck, and house.

Why Need Need To Block Wind Your Patio And Deck

How To Block Wind On Patio

Many people do not like using wind blockers on their deck and patio because they feel it doesn’t give them that outdoor feel nor help them enjoy the view around. Still, there are so many benefits that you can enjoy from blocking wind from your deck and patio, including:

It Gives Good Shelter

You might never have thought about it, but a wind barrier has more benefits than keeping the heavy wind away. They help keep UV radiation away, especially during those very sunny afternoons; they also provide shade from the sun.

They Can Be Aesthetically Appealing

Many wind barriers are decorative items in themselves, and they end up not only keeping the wind from your deck and patio but also helping to accentuate the beauty of your space.

Imagine using a beautifully crafted flower pot with bright and beautiful flowers as a windbreak or thinking of using a tastefully sewn curtain or other stylish materials to keep the heavy wind away; you end up with an elegant piece with practical use.

They Can Keep Prying Eyes And Unwanted Visitors Out.

Some wind blockers on your deck and patio can give you privacy while you enjoy the outdoors without wondering if your nosy neighbor is watching you. Secondly, unwanted guests and animals can be prevented from entering without your permission by using certain wind blockers like deck windscreens.

Some Wind Blockers Can Block Noise

Some wind blockers can drown the noise around or from your neighbors, creating a more serene and relaxing atmosphere. It is fantastic to keep wind and noise away using just one means.

How To Block Wind On Patio And Deck

How To Block Wind On Patio

There are several ways to block wind from your patio and deck; some are temporary structures you can remove whenever you want, and others are more permanent.

Here are some steps you can take to block wind and even, in some cases, rain and snow from getting into your patio or deck:

1. Wind Breaker Privacy Screen

This retractable screen serves as a wind blocker, improving the look of your outdoor space. The retractable screens, which are temporary walls, offer protection from the wind and are also great for keeping UV rays and other unwanted visitors like animals out.

They are easy to fix and can be safely tucked away when unnecessary. It is opened and closed with a handle.

2. Wind Block Fence

You can keep the elements away from your patio and deck by using wood fence wind blocks which come as panels that are made of wood and are cutouts in a symmetrical pattern.

This fence allows that calm and relaxing breeze to get in while keeping that heavy wind that can be dangerous away. You can paint different colors and patterns on the wood to add beauty and color to your space.

3. Artificial Hedge Walls

You can create a decorative border around your deck and patio using artificial hedge walls. These walls are made of different materials, but your best option is a high-quality, durable, attractive product that requires low maintenance.

With these artificial hedge walls with decorative border pieces, you are sure of a stylish wind block too.

4. Deck Wind Screen

It is one of the most cost-effective means of blocking gusty wind from your deck and patio; in fact, you can even put together a deck windscreen yourself by using metal railing frames or wood that you cover with netting solid material, while screening is run around the side of the patio that gets the gusts of wind.

If you don’t grope up to it, you could get an expert to make you a deck windscreen. However, many you can buy online and in stores vary in material, color, privacy screen, and what has been you.

5. Deck Blinds

It is also known as roll-down protection, and it uses roller awnings or window shades that are hung from any hardware when, and when not in use, they can be taken down. This temporary wind blocker can only be used on a pergola rafter or a roof deck from which it can be hung.

6. Clear Vinyl Curtains

A vinyl curtain is an excellent option if you want a little privacy while enjoying natural light and air on your deck patio or deck.

These curtains are often coated with anti-microbial substances that protect them from damage from microorganisms. They come in different courses, sizes, and thicknesses, and the thicker they are, the more they can resist being cracked in cold weather.

7. Building Pergolas With Louvered Roof

Using pergolas with a louvered roof system, you can keep the heavy wind away from your deck and patio. The advantage of this unit is that you can open or close the slats depending on how heavy the wind is.

The louvered roof system is fitted with wind sensors that cause it to automatically close or open depending on how heavy the wind is.

8. Natural Wind Blockers

There are so many natural wind blockers that you can use to keep the heavy wind from disturbing you as you have a good time on your deck or patio; some of them include:


You can use different types of trees in rows to act as a barrier against the gust of wind; trees have a lot of advantages, especially as they are Eco-friendly and provide shade and comfort, especially during scorching Sumner days. The only issue is that it is a long-term solution requiring much space and patience.


Shrubs are another excellent wind blocker you can plant to keep the gust of wind from your patio and deck, especially if you pick shrubs with beautiful leaves and flowers.

The only problem is that you must constantly maintain it, especially in watering, pruning, and otherwise, if they are to keep looking good.


Trellis is another excellent natural wind blocker that will add extra privacy to your deck. The trellis is beautiful and does not require much maintenance; all you need do is plant some ivy vines, which will grow through them.

9. Glass Walls

It is fast becoming the standard way people block wind and animals from their patios and deck because glass walls are stylish, elegant, and convenient. They come in different designs with different features; for instance, some are sliding walls, while others are adjustable.

Glass wall blockers are made of thick, firm glass panels attached to a strong metal frame drilled into the deck’s walls and floor.

10. Patio Wind Deflector

You can erect a wind deflector in the direction where the gust of wind is coming to keep the heavy wind from getting to your deck or patio

11. Potted Plants Shrubs

Is there a way you can arrange potted plants, shrubs, and flowers on your balcony and patio, and it will serve as a wind block? Concrete pots are better. They are sturdy and can withstand heavy wind. It will also ensure that the gust of wind does not blow the plants over.

12. Wind Blocking Outdoor Furniture

If strategically positioned, some outdoor furniture can serve as a wind block. You could go for bulky furniture, like outdoor sectional sofas that withstand heavy wind. Some outdoor furniture is bulky, so they take up a good amount of space, and they can block out some air.


The deck and patio provide a place for people to enjoy their home’s outdoor space; they are usually an excellent relaxation spot until heavy winds get in the way.

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The best thing to do is to use some wind block to prevent wind from constituting a nuisance to you. All you need is to use materials and structures like glass curtains, clear vinyl, and the like to contain the wind that gets to your deck and patio.

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