Do Backyard Pond Increase Home Value

Do Backyard Pond Increase Home Value?

Backyard ponds are mainly artificial ponds created in the backyard for recreational purposes like fishing, swimming or wildlife conservation.

It’s designed to imitate a natural body of water within the wild with irregular shapes, rocks, waterfalls, and boulders.

These kinds of ponds are usually divided into two areas: which are vegetation and swimming. The vegetation area is typically shallower, a few feet deep, to accommodate your water plants.

The swimming section can range anywhere from 6 to eight feet deep. Backyard pond gives you the simplest of both worlds – fun and nature.

Ponds brings an attractive landscaping feature to your backyard, and it is an excellent spot for you and your family to swim and find out more about nature.

Backyard ponds increase the aesthetic value of your homes. Nothing can brighten up your yard or provide tremendous recreational opportunities like a pond or water features.

The fantastic thing about the backyard pond is that it adds an entirely new look to the environment and saves you money on the fertilizers for your backyard farm.

However, the alluvium collected on your pond by your pond filter is extensively rich with nutritional materials from excess fish feed, fish droppings, and even decaying leaves, which will serve as a natural fertilizer that severs your backyard farm.

You can keep different kinds of animals in your backyard pond, or maybe you already own a pond but trying to consider which animal is the best fit for your pond.

It’s best to consider animals or fishes that can tolerate a wide range of temperatures to avoid mortality due to changes in season.

If you want to keep larger fishes, you should consider goldfish, koi, hi-fin sharks, minnows, sunfish.

For plants, you can go for like water lettuce, blue iris, cardinal flower, taro pond plants, pickerel pond plants and so on.

But when combining your fish with plants, it’s best to seek advice from an expert to ensure compatibility. However, the purpose of this article is to let you know if backyard ponds do increase home value.

Do Backyard Ponds Increase Home Value?

Backyard Pond

Yes, it does. But it depends highly on some factors like quality work and delightful design. This suggests you’ll still need a valuable area, excellent quality housework, and an awesome design to urge the exorbitant value out of your property.

There are many debates on the extent of value a pond can add to a property.

While some suggest that installing ponds might increase the value of a home up to 7-10%, others believe that the worth depends highly on the situation of the house.

For instance, warm states like Florida or California seldom experience freezing or snowing. So, if you’ve got a house there with a backyard pond, you’re more likely to urge an inflated price for your property.

On the opposite hand, ponds in places with hard snowing can only be utilized in summer or sometimes in spring.

So, buyers will find ponds in those places unnecessary and won’t want to pay extra for them, making them add little or no value to the property.

But in general terms, backyard ponds do dramatically add value to your home in lots of incredible ways.

A backyard pond can provide a starting place for your children to understand and appreciate nature and the environment.

In addition, installing a pond in your backyard can also be a great focal attraction of other ecosystems such as plants, insects, birds, and other animals as well.

The pond’s location in the backyard is another factor that can determine the value of a house. Utilizing the best location of your yard for a pond is an essential aspect of adding value to your home.

Here is why- a pond that stays visible from almost every corner of the house can add more value to the house than ponds which is hardly noticeable unless you stroll to the backyard to see them.

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Another factor that’s highly considered is the quality of the work done, the features of the pond, and the quality of the product used while installing your backyard pond.

However, decorating your pond with rocks such as limestone, sandstone, granite, and many others will not only beautify your backyard but also make it highly attractive and appreciated by others.

When you beautify your pond with rocks, sandstones etc., it will look beautiful, fresh, and clean, and as a result, increases the value of your property and keeping the interest of potential buyers.

When choosing features, plants, and rocks for your pond and surrounding area, keep in mind that what you chose should be in tandem with the rest of your yard and garden.

Which means they should cohesively flow with the nature of your home. Plenty of plants thrive around water, and you will choose options that will fit in with your style and design.

The quality of the pond materials also has a crucial role during this. Using high-quality products and installation will only take the worth higher.

Filters and pumps will keep your pond water fresh and clean, attracting buyers who are willing to pay a fair value.

Decorations with plants and rocks won’t only enhance the sweetness of your yard but also make your property appreciated by others.

Why a Backyard Ponds Increases Your Home Value

Backyard Pond

Now, you ought to have understood that adding a water feature within the backyard can seriously increase your property’s value.

But have you ever wondered how and why it does that? In this part of the article, I’m getting to mention the most reasons for that.

Think about the areas beside oceans. Who doesn’t wish to have a water source right beside their house? An equivalent happens with a pond.

A pond may be quite a water source that certainly attracts an enormous number of buyers.

A pond brings water into your life and gives an aesthetic look to your house, which eventually results in a rise in your value. Also, it gives you an elegancy and makes your home stand out in the neighborhood.

Buyers love this extra great thing about the house and, therefore, the indisputable fact that your home is a singular one within the area.

Hence, they’re able to pay those extra bucks for your property. Also, you’ll get extra points if your house stands in an urban area.

Moreover, if the water feature is quiet, it will be considered a plus point for your property.

Importance of Backyard Pond

Backyard Pond

A backyard pond is very beneficial to man, as said earlier. It serves as a great source of food and also shelter.

There is an entirely different type of pond to install in your backyard for different specific purposes.

However, whichever one you choose, they are all important in different ways. Below are some of the thousands of its importance.

1 – Impact during a Yard

When you feel bored, you can tend the fish, water the plants, mow the yard, and do a bunch of labor and maintenance in your backyard pond.

The routine check and maintenance of your pond will help keep you busy and entertained with the backyard pond ecosystem.

A pond can get you into the fresh air. Enjoy the sights and sounds, feed the fish, do what maintenance is required, and live the pond lifestyle.

A pond’s ecosystem transitions daily and seasonally, attracting people towards it. It’s fun to ascertain a replacement addition to the pond!

Wake up, grab some coffee, and gaze upon your pond in its vine. Once you come back from work or journey, it’ll still be there, expecting you to unwind beside it.

2 – Create a lifestyle

People can stroll into your backyard and say “oh my” once they see a pond there. It’s a centerpiece of amusement and character.

Nobody features a backyard pond, so people can have a yard that stands above the remainder in every season.

Spring, summer, fall, and winter all have different impacts on ponds, making them look unique for all seasons.

Don’t ditch waterfalls or streams! These additions add sound and disguise any background noises from cars or buzzing lights.

But it impacts calmness and serenity in your backyard.

3 – Bring Nature into Your Yard

Build it, and they will come! Croaking bullfrogs, speedy dragonflies, and colorful birds will all be interested in your backyard pond.

You’ll also add fish to feed and watch as they dart back and forth. A bit like every pond is different, so is that the nature that it attracts. Add a backyard pond and see what amazing life it could bring.

4 – A Learning Tool

Learn for yourself and educate your kids too! Most kids today may also merge with the couch. You’ll prevent that with a water feature!

A backyard pond could turn them from an idler into wildlife experts. The entire family can study ecosystems, plants, animals, and nature.

Record and photograph wildlife, cultivate aquatic plants, even make a faculty project out of it! Plant an appreciation for nature in them and watch it grow. Live the pond lifestyle.

5 – Advanced Gardening (Aquatic plants)

Aquatic plants take gardening to a tremendous new level! Popular aquatic plants start growing within the spring, peak within the summer, fade within the fall, then repeat the method.

They will add all kinds of looks to your pond due to the variability of types and colors, whatever you would like, really!

Sorts of Aquatic Plants for Ponds

Here are lists of Aquatic Plants you might consider in your backyard pond.

  1. Water Poppies
  2. Dwarf Cattails
  3. Corkscrew Rush
  4. Moneywort
  5. Thalia
  6. Water Hyacinth
  7. Water Lettuce
  8. Water Lillies
  9. Lotus
  10. Yellow Iris

1. Water Poppies

This tropical marsh plant has dark green leaves with yellow or red flowers.

They bloom June through August and love full sunlight, though they will have some shade.

It belongs within the damp soil right around the pond.

2. Dwarf Cattails

This plant is helpful in filtering water, so it keeps being clean and clear. It is often found on the outskirts of a pond.

Dwarf cattails can grow 1 to 2 feet high and opened up about as far.

3. Corkscrew Rush

This plant adds character to any pond because it swirls and twirls around the outside of your water feature.

When the weather is warmer, they’ll have flowers blooming on their tips.

4. Moneywort

Blue moneywort can add a nice splash of color to any pond.

They love full sun or partly shady areas so that they can live around almost any pond.

The creeping jenny/golden moneywort is that the more common of those aquatic plants for ponds.

They’re great for filling in spaces between rocks and waterfalls as they grow in excellent, thick mats.

5. Thalia

These late bloomers wish to show their flowers within the later summer/early fall time.

They also take up a fair amount of space, 4 to six feet tall and 6 to eight feet around. This violet-colored plant loves sunny areas.

6. Water Hyacinth

These flowers have bright purple petals and may spread like wildfire.

Well, not that quickly, but they will start taking up a pond if you don’t cut them back every so often.

7. Water Lettuce

The description beats the name. This water plant for ponds seems like someone started growing lettuce in and around a pond.

They will be pretty invasive, so you’ll want to stay an in-depth eye on their growth.

8. Water Lillies

These aquatic plants grow beautiful pink and white flowers. They supply shade and canopy for fish, and frogs will sit on them.

9. Lotus

They are also found in beautiful reminder pink and white that bloom within the late spring to midsummer.

If you’ve got one among these deep emergent plants, you don’t need the opposite, but you’ll have different colors of both.

10. Yellow Iris

These fantastic aquatic plants for ponds bloom for a couple of weeks during the spring in various colors like white, blue, pink, and more.

They grow 4 to six feet high and take up about half that in space, so you’ll be seeing many of them.

Aquatic Plants Care and Control

Aquatic plants need maintenance to stay healthy and in restraint. You’ll have to hire a pond contractor to come to service your pond for you.

If you leave your aquatic plants uncontrolled, they can quickly take over your pond’s ecosystem. This will get the ecosystem off balance and prevent you from having fun with your amazing water feature.

The Control of plants extends to algae also. You don’t want to exterminate all algae because some are beneficial.

Steps to Increase the Value of your Home with a Backyard Pond

Now that you have a great idea of why and how a backyard pond increases your property value, you would want to know about accelerating your home’s worth with a pond.

  1. Choosing the Location

Making provision for the best site to install your pond is paramount. You don’t have to choose a side that is low and maybe easily flooded.

Also, make sure the side selected is very open, not a shady side but not too in an entire sun area, and has no tree around the pond.

  1. Decorations

A good decoration wears your backyard a beautiful look. After your pond, your decorations speak in your absence.

So, adding extra decorations like fish, plants, and rocks will be another plus point of your whole water feature.

However, confirm that those things are compatible together with your weather and region. Also, don’t add things that you simply won’t be ready to maintain regularly.

One other thing about good decoration is that it attracts people as they can see the nature of the environment and appreciate it.

  1. Size and Dimension

Think of a good size that will fit the space you have: After choosing where you want your pond to be, you will be required to choose a good size for your pond.

You know that size and shape matter a lot. Therefore, while you determine the size of your pond, you must know if it should be in a rectangular or circular shape, but the average size of most backyard ponds can be 10 by 15 ft, which is roughly 150 square feet and 24 deepest points.

  1. Filters and Pumps can help

If you talk of adding filters and pumps, you should ensure high-quality ones.

They will help keep the pond at an average temperature by maintaining the pH level for your fish to survive.

They also reduce bacteria and algae and help filter their poops from the water, but I tell you, you will be stuck at the extra value it will add to your home.

All you need is to place it in the proper position, like the bottom of the pond or any other place you can easily reach maintenance.


So, this is often how a backyard pond increases your property value. While building a pond bear in mind that your location and weather is a factor that to consider.

In most cases, it’s an excellent investment in whatever quiet area you’re living in. One of the most reasons for this value increasing is that most people love having a water feature anywhere near their house.

Nothing is often better than taking note of the peaceful water flowing sound in your own house!

In another context, it’s an attractive landscaping feature for your backyard, and it is an excellent spot for you and your family to swim and to find out more about nature.


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