Best Outdoor Towel Warmer

8 Best Outdoor Towel Warmer For Hot Tub – (Why You Should Get This!)

Do you know what’s better than a hot tub and a fancy wine in your hands? A warm towel. That’s right, a warm fluffy towel. And the only way to get a warm towel is to get a good towel warmer.

towel warmer is not a need, but if you loathe that moment when you have to walk away from your hot tub, through the cold air, and into your house, then you should get a towel warmer.

In this article, we will recommend the best towel warmer for your outdoor tub and why you should get them.

Best Outdoor Towel Warmer for Hot Tub

Here are some of the best towel warmers in the market and some of the key features that make them unique.

1. Tangkula 

Best Outdoor Towel Warmer

The Tankula towel warmer is one of the best towel warmer for many reasons. The first reason is that this towel warmer warm your towel within 10 minutes, so you don’t have to wait a long time to get wrapped in your fluffy and warm towel.

We all know that this additional hot tub accessory doesn’t come cheap, but Tangkula is one of the best towel warmer that can be gotten at a cheap price.

It has ten stainless steel bars to help heat your towel, and it has a 71-inch power cable and a switch on its bottom left corner. The only downside to this towel warmer is that it doesn’t offer the auto switch-off feature.

2. Amba RWH-CB Radiant Plugin Curved Towel warmer Brushed

Best Outdoor Towel Warmer

If you think the previous product warms the towel fast, then the Amba towel warmer heats your towel in a lesser time. 

It is big enough to heat two bath towels, and it is made of very durable stainless steel so that it will last for a long time.

This brand is best if you lack patience and want your warm towel immediately. Another plus is that it doesn’t have a cable hanging at its side.

3. Zadro Ultra-large Towel Warmer

Best Outdoor Towel Warmer

This oversized towel warmer can heat two large towels, a bathrobe, a throw blanket, and even your PJs. 

It may not look attractive due to its bucket shape, but it has a lot of awesome features that make it worth it. It jas a 4-option timer setting, so you can choose from 15, 45, 30, and 60 minutes.

There is built-in storage for the extra-long cord, so you don’t have trouble handling it; its legs and handle are made from natural bamboo. 

According to users’ reviews of this product, it Is easy to assemble. Its size may be a disadvantage if you need to save space in your home.

4. HEATGENE Hot Towel Warmer

Best Outdoor Towel Warmer

This is another good towel warmer as it has a curved design that consists of 8 stainless steel bars that ensure durability. These bars can be heated up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit in ten minutes and accommodate two big towels.

This brand saves you a lot of space as it is wall mounted. It saves energy and Is easy to install; it can be used at home, in the spa, and in a hotel.

5. Homeleader Towel Warmer and Drying Rack

Best Outdoor Towel Warmer

This towel warmer is easy to install and has a modern, delicate style. It is made of iron which is not the best material for durability. 

Its slim design allows it to save a lot of space in your home, but the major drawback of using this towel warmer is that it takes a long time (about 30 minutes) to warm up your towel. However, it remains one of Amazon’s bestselling towel warmer.

6. INNOKA Towel Warmer

Best Outdoor Towel Warmer

This towel warmer is just the right size to save space. With its two design features and ease of installation, you are good to go. 

It comprises six aluminum bars that are durable and can heat your towel to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. The only problem is that this product takes a lot of time to heat your towel, so you shouldn’t go for this towel warmer if you are looking for speed.

7. Acona svelte rounded towel warmer

Best Outdoor Towel Warmer

This 13-bars stainless steel towel warmer has many features that you will love. This product helps you save energy and has a humidity-protected switch. This towel warmer is brushed to reduce humidity and keep your towels fresh and free from mildew.

It is electric and can be programmed to the time you want to use it. Previous users have said that this game is easy to play.

8. Avonflow towel warmer

Best Outdoor Towel Warmer

This product consists of 13 + 1 mild steel bars that produce a good amount of heat to warm your towels. It can be a free-standing warmer or a wall-mounted warmer that matches modern designs.

With this space-saving towel warmer, you get a 3-year warranty. And if you think that’s all, well, there are more. It has an auto thermostat that prevents overheating, protecting your device and ensuring that it lasts longer.

Why You Should Get This

With many towel warmers about there, making a choice can be overwhelming, but these products that we have recommended are the best.

Why should you get these products? Because they are durable and will last for a long time because they have that unique feature you are looking for, they are also easy to use and install, and because some of them are affordable. Some of these products even offer a warranty! So you can make good use of that opportunity.

What to Look for in a Towel Warmer

It’s great if you know what exactly to look for in a towel warmer; that way, you can easily identify a high-quality product anywhere.

1. Style

There are different towel warmers, the cabinet style, the rack style, and the barrel style. Cabinet towel warmers are great for hand towels, and barrel towel warmers are excellent for large towels.

If you choose the rack towel warmer, you will be offered the option of a free-standing rack or a wall-mounted rack. Wall-mounted rack towel waters save you a lot of useful space compared to the free-standing and the barrel type.

2. Ability

Different types of towel warmers are capable of different heating sizes of towels. The cabinet style is suitable for small hand towels used for the face, while the rack towel warmer can carry one or two oversized towels. The barrel towel warmer can heat bathrobes, throw blankets, large towels, slippers, and even your PJs.

3. Time-taken to Warm Up a Towel

Most towel warmers take up to 30 minutes to heat a towel, while some take 10 to 15 minutes. If you are not a patient person, you should get a towel warmer with a shorter warm-up time. Others can take up to 45 to 60 minutes to heat a towel properly.

Conclusion: Best Outdoor Towel Warmer

Got tub time will be a nice time with one of these towel warmers standing right next to you. The recommended products are durable, some are pricey, and others aren’t; they are easy to use and install.

You should always think about what style of towel warmer you want to purchase. If you want to warm up many heavy things, you should go for a barrel towel warmer. 

If you want to warm up just a hand towel, you should choose the cabinet style. To save space, the wall-mounted rack style is the best.

You should also consider the capacity of each style and the warm-up time for each product. These factors will help you choose a product that suits you well.

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