Spring Airsoft Pistols

Are Spring Airsoft Pistols Good? – What is the Best Kind of Airsoft Gun?

Airsoft is a game played where a player’s goal is to strike or tag other players with the projectile fired from an airsoft gun. This game was originated from Eastern Asia, where the players would participate in military scenarios without getting hurt.

There are different types of airsoft guns, electric and spring-powered airsoft guns. This article will discuss a spring-powered airsoft gun and its features; there will also be a comparison between the spring and the electric-powered weapon.

What Are Spring Airsoft Guns?

Spring airsoft guns use mechanical power to work. Using the power of spring, these guns can push BBs down the barrel of the gun.

This category is the best option for beginners. Although it is slow, you don’t have to reload every time when using his gun. There are other models available with better spring action; the only downside is that these better models are heavier.

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Are Spring Airsoft Pistols Good?

The spring category works by pumping the gun each time you fire it. These models are recommended for beginners, or they can be used as a backup weapon by pros. While they are not the best airsoft gun, the spring model is good because it’s reliable.

One downside of using a spring airsoft gun is that they are not fast, some spring models are stronger, and others are weak; this all depends on the strength of the spring being used.

How Do Spring Loaded Airsoft Pistols Work?

Different types of airsoft guns work with other principles applied. A spring airsoft gun works in a more manual way that is not powered by electricity or battery; it just uses the elasticity of its tightly packed springs.

Once the spring is pulled, it is locked in the recess, and once the trigger is pulled, the spring is released, propelling the BB in a forward path at high speed.

Your BB remains locked in the recess, and it only shoots out when the trigger is pulled. To make another shot, you must repeat this process all over again.

What Is The Difference Between Spring And Electric Airsoft Guns?

Electric airsoft gun (AEGs) require a rechargeable battery to work, and it also comes with a battery charger. The AEG is the most used type of airsoft gun as it shoots faster and looks more realistic. These usually take 5 to 8 hours to charge before use, but it will take 3 to 5 hours to charge after frequent use.

There are two types of electric airsoft guns: low-end automatic electric guns and high-end automatic electric guns. 

The low-end electric gun is the most common type of electric gun; they operate on rechargeable batteries and contain springs like the spring airsoft.

One of the differences between a spring gun and a low-end electric gun is that these guns contain a gearbox that has three gears. The gears, along with the piston, propel the BBs forward and out of the gun.

The high-end electric box also has a spring inside or just like the low end, but these guns are upgraded. The main difference between this and the low-end is that it is upgraded with a metal gearbox covered with polycarbonate.

Although this is a high-maintenance gun, it offers the option of semi-automatic or full-automatic firing; it also has an increased fire rate and can be used in both cold and hot weather conditions.

Now that we have discussed everything about an airsoft electric gun, we can dive into the differences between the AEGs and the spring airsoft gun.

The AEGs offer more fire rate and shoot faster than the spring; the AEGs look more realistic than a spring gun, which may have a mini plunger sticking out of it.

However, a spring gun is way cheaper than an AEG because the internal of a spring gun is less complex than that of an AEG.

And then there is the fact that a rechargeable battery electrically powers an AEG while a spring airsoft gun is powered by a spring.

Do Airsoft Guns Hurt?

Airsoft guns were originally made for imitating the military in a friendly game. These guns have been made to look realistic, and even fire shots fast, but they do not hurt.

The materials fired from an airsoft gun are called BBs. They are pellets that weigh next to nothing but can also be used for fun with these Airsoft guns.

How Far Will Airsoft Guns Shoot?

The game will only be realistic if a BB pellet can travel a reasonable distance. For airsoft rifles and snipers, your BB goes a long way, but with a pistol, only nearby shots can be made. Airsoft guns can shoot BBs up to 330 feet in an airsoft field.

Like we mentioned, different types of airsoft guns have different shooting ranges. An airsoft rifle will shoot up to 200 feet; a sniper will shoot up to 300 feet; a shotgun will shoot up to 100 feet, while an airsoft pistol will shoot up to 80 feet.

What Is The Best Kind Of Airsoft Gun?

Before we go into which kind of airsoft gun is the best, we have to discuss a gas airsoft gun briefly. This type of gun uses gasses like green gas and CO2 to propel BB.

Gas airsoft guns shoot faster than spring airsoft guns, and AEGs shoot faster than gas and spring airsoft guns. Spring airsoft guns are the weaker and slower type of airsoft gun, and an AEG is the faster and stronger type.

With that being said, the electric airsoft gun is the best as it offers a more shooting rate, fires faster than spring, and has airsoft guns, and looks more realistic.

Conclusion: Are Spring Airsoft Pistols Good?

While spring airsoft guns are not the best type of guns, they are more suitable for new players going into the game. 

Electric airsoft guns are also known as AEGs, air the best type of gin, and they are perfect for professional players; however, they are expensive and can cost up to $1000.

We have also discussed the shooting range of different types of guns. If you want an airsoft gun that fires BBs at a high range, you should get an airsoft sniper or rifle, but if you want a gun that fires at a close distance, you should get an airsoft pistol or shotgun.

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