Is A Towel Warmer Worth it?

Can You Put a Towel Warmer Outside? – Is A Towel Warmer Worth it?

Someone aptly described a towel warmer as a bath accessory that we never knew we needed; this is because it has always been associated with luxury that we can do without.

Towel warmers are a great unit to add to your bathrooms because they hold so much benefit both for you, your towels, and your home. But almost anyone who has ever had the joy of using a towel warmer or wants to get one always wonders if they can use it outside.

To clear the air on that issue, we will say Yes, you can use your towel warmer outside, but this depends on the type of unit you have or intend to buy.

Secondly, you must imbibe the safety precautions that we will reel out if you enjoy the unit for long. Lastly, you should keep them far away from places like the pool or beachside to avoid any eventuality.

Is A Towel Warmer Worth it?

Many people enjoy the feel of a warm towel on their faces and bodies after a bath or shower, and this is the only benefit they associate with a towel warmer.

Dry towels reduce the likelihood of a damp breeding ground for germs and mold, so towel warmers are worth the investment since they keep your bathroom hygienic.

For one, they are great value for every single dollar you spend on them because they yield more comfort than the monetary cost of acquiring and installing them.

Towel warmers ensure that your towels are kept fresh and dry at all times, which helps to reduce mildew. If you have a towel warmer in your bathroom, you will notice that your bathroom tends to be warmer than other rooms in your house.

This is simply because they act as supplementary heaters in the bathroom. That is why you will hardly notice any mold-inducing dampness in a bathroom that has a towel warmer.

Because of how dry and hot it keeps your bathroom, towel warmers help accelerate drying those wet underwear and delicate clothing you leave in the bathroom. Little wonder, many people are considering fixing a towel warmer in their laundry room.

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How Do Towel Warmers Work?

The workings of a towel warmer depend on the type of unit you have. There are two broad categories of towel warmers:

The Electric towel Warmer

These are self-contained units containing electric-powered elements with low watt within the rails that warm the towel.

The science behind it is slightly complex, but what happens is that elements directly or indirectly heat the towel rail that in turn radiates heat to the towels.

The Hydronic Towel warmer

This type of towel warmers is connected to the radiant-heating systems or the hot-water plumbing of the house so that as the hot water from the heating system runs through the bars of the towel warmer, they give off heat to the bars, which in turn warms the towel placed on them.

There are three main mounting styles for towel warmers: either they are wall-hanging, in which case you hang the unit on the wall, especially in bathrooms that are pressed for space.

The floor-mounted towel warmer is an immovable unit that is fixed to the floor, while the freestanding units are those mobile towel warmers that can be moved around from place to place.

Hydronic towel warmers are mostly wall-hung or floor-mounted because they operate based on the house’s heating system.

Can You Put Towel Warmer Outside?

You can put a towel warmer outside, but it is at a certain risk to the unit itself and the user, too, especially at adverse weather conditions or if your towel warmer is getting worn out with torn wires and wet towel bars. But if you can adhere to safety precautions, then you can use some towel warmers outside.

For starters, the only type of towel warmers you can use outdoors is the freestanding ones, and this is because they usually have a stable base and a large cord with which you can connect to a source of power.

How Do You Keep Towel Warm Outside?

To keep towels warm outside, here are some precautions that you must follow religiously :

1. All the wires connected to the towel warmer must be completely covered with weatherproof tapes and any other means of keeping water from getting into them, even if they are made of weatherproof materials and are very sturdy.

2. The twelve warmer must be kept as close as possible to the power source so that in the event of any emergency, you can easily switch off the unit.

3. You must avoid using towel warmers in wet weather or new the pool no matter the safety precaution you put in place.

4. You should be prepared for any form of emergency that may arise and keep all the necessary materials that will be your First Aid close by.

5. It shouldn’t alarm you to notice that your unit does not work as effectively as it does indoors. This lack of performance is quite normal, and it is because so much heat is lost to the outside environment from the unit if it is outside.

How Do You Keep Towel Warm At The Home?

If you are thinking of keeping your towels warm at home without a towel warmer, sit back and relax, and we will show you a few life hacks that work.

Use the microwave

Your microwave can serve more purpose than heating your food; you can use it to warm your towel. All you need do is place your towel on a microwaveable plate and place the plate in the microwave.

You can reduce the muscle pain in your body and open up the pores on your face by adding essential oil to the towel before putting it in a microwave for a relaxing therapeutic feel when you use the towel.

Use A Slow Cooker

You can warm your towel by rolling and placing them in a slow cooker, then cover the towel with a cup or two of water without allowing the towel to soak.

You can add a few drops of essential oil if you wish and then heat it for about an hour or two. Afterward, use a tong to get the towel out and then shake it very well.

How Do You Keep Towels Warm In A Hot Tub?

Your hot tub is a good means of heating your towel if you do not have a towel warmer. All you need do is put the towels in the dryer and then get a small insulated cooler or box with a microwaveable heating pad and then store it there.

How Do You Hang Towel On A Towel Warmer?

To get the most from your towel warmer, fold the towel into half its and half its width, which will give you four layers that are lying on either side of the rail or bar of the towel warmer; this will help the towel absorb and retain the heat from the towel warmer.

The more the layer of the towel is in contact with the rail, the more the weight it bears on the rail and hence the more the contact surface area with the rail. 

If the towel can touch at least 3 of the towel warmer rails, the towel will warm faster.

Can You Put Wet Towel On A Towel Warmer?

Yes, you can put the wet towel on a towel warmer; however, you should not put a towel dripping with water because it will ruin the device. 

Instead, you should wring the towel to reduce the water in it before hanging it on your towel warmer.

You should not put a very dried towel too on the towel warmer because you are exposing your home to the risk of fire because of how dry the towel is, and it will also cause the unit to wear out easily.

How Much Does A Towel Warmer Cost?

The price you pay for a towel warmer will depend on these factors :

1. Wired Or Plugged-In: if you have a towel warmer that is Plumbed into the heating system of your house, then you are more likely to incur a lot of cost in getting a professional to get the job done; hence the total cost will be higher than if you buy a freestanding unit that you just plug-in.

2. Quality: if you are looking for a towel warmer of premium quality, then you will be ready to pay a lot more than if you want a standard unit. The higher the quality, the more money you should be willing to pay

3. Style: designers towel Warner goes for an arm and afoot; these are you bits that are so unique and aesthetically tasteful that they are worth every dime you pay for them.

4. The finish: the metal used in finishing the towel warmer will affect their price. Units made with stainless steel and Aluminium are a lot more expensive than nickel and bronze, painted steel and carbon steel, and chrome. Chrome is the most common metal used for the most towel warmer.

5. Size: all things being equal, the smaller towel warmers that can hold a maximum of a towel or two squeezed together will cost almost twice less than larger units that can comfortably take four towels.

6. The Accessories: there are lots of accessories that can be added to a towel warmer, and so you should expect to pay more if you want a unit with accessories like temperature control, WiFi Module, shelf, in the drying rack, among others.

Electric Towel Warmers can go for as low as $60, while other designer units can cost as much as $3,500 | Electric Towel Warmers. 

However, you can get standard ones that go for about $200 to $500 which will serve you very well.

Hydronic or Hot Water Towel Warmers can go for anything from $170 to $4000, with $300 to $750 being the most common prices of these towel warmers that people buy

When you calculate the cost of a towel warmer, you should also remember that there are other associated costs like Permits and Inspection Costs, which will cost about $50 to $125, and installation costs.

How Long Can You Keep A Towel Warmer On?

There is no limit to the length of time you can keep your towel warmer on; in fact, you can keep it on indefinitely, and this is because they have internal thermostats that ensure that they do not go beyond a given set temperature.

The question is: is it financially responsible for leaving your towel warmer on for longer than is necessary because? You have to understand that the longer you keep your unit on, the more your electricity bill piles up.

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How Much Electricity Does A towel Warmer Use?

From research and calculations, if you have a towel warmer that has an output of 70 to 200 watts, and you keep our unit on for 24 hours a day for those 365 days, then your electricity bill will increase by almost $330 if you get charged 25 cents per kilowatt of power.

This cost might seem high, but if you put it in perspective, you will see that the price is fair because no one expects you to leave your towel warmer on for every minute of the day and the whole day of the year.

If you do a more realistic calculation in which you expect the towel warmer to be on for 2 to 3 hours a day and some hot summer days, you will not want the towel warmer on. Hence you will be spending roughly $30 annually on electricity for warming your towel, which is fairly reasonable.


We conclude by saying that towel warmers are a great addition to your bathroom because it adds warmth and allure to it. If you are thinking of using your towel warmer outside, you are most welcome; the only thing is that you must be very safety conscious and never use it on a wet day.

There are different types of towel Warner that are available; you must consider certain factors to pick a unit that works for you.

Powering your towel warmer is not as expensive as many think it is because, for as little as $30 annually, you can enjoy the warmth and therapeutic feeling you get from using a warm towel.

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