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Why Do Soccer Cleats Use Kangaroo Leather?

Every sport needs certain equipment or gear to protect players from injuries or ensure a proper playing condition and soccer is no exception. To play soccer with minimal risk of sustaining injuries, you need a cleat.

A cleat is one of the essential footwear that soccer players wear if they are to play the game well. Different materials are used in making these cleats, like leather from cow skin, synthetic fibre, and kangaroo leather, but kangaroo leather is the most preferred.

Kangaroo leather has some unique qualities like its tensile strength, lightness, and durability that make it the best alternative for making soccer cleats, and these qualities are innate. Buying a good soccer cleat can be made easier if you know what to look out for as you shop. Today we will help you make a good choice.

Why Use Cleat At All For Soccer

Suppose you have ever taken time to watch professional soccer players. In that case, you will notice that their soccer shoes have some small protrusions at the bottom, these protrusions are known as cleats or studs, and they give players traction as they play the game and don’t fall flat to their face as they move around the field.

The weather and the ground on which games are played can be unpredictable; for instance, rain can get the field wet, or when the ground is too dry, it can also become slippery. In such conditions, cleats ensure that the player gets enough friction or grip of the ground so that they don’t fall.

It also allows them to move forward with more speed, power, and confidence in any weather and condition of the ground.

Why Do Soccer Cleats Use Kangaroo Leather?

Without being too scientifically technical, we would state that Kangaroos have a unique muscular and collagen bundle arrangement that you don’t find in cattle. 

Their collagen bundle ( collagen bundle is simply an intrinsic extracellular matrix that is found in the bodies of most animals that supports most tissues and gives cells structure from the outside), which is arranged in a wave-like pattern, gives kangaroos leather a more uniform pattern, these collagen bundles run parallel to the surface of their skin. 

Another important factor that makes kangaroo leather great for making cleats is that their leather does not have a sweat gland which is one of the reasons kangaroo leather is thin yet tough.

 and their

These are the biological advantage that kangaroo has over cattle and other animals that make them great for use in soccer cleats, including:

1. It is relatively lightweight

kangaroo leather is naturally thin and so is light in weight; this lightness means a soccer player can wear soccer cleats and not feel the heaviness of the shoe.

2. It is strong:

it is estimated that the leather of kangaroo is ten times stronger than that of cattle, and this is due to the molecular arrangement of its collagen bundle, amongst other factors. It is at least three times stronger than the leather of most wild animals.

3. It is resistant:

kangaroo can withstand a lot of impact without cracking, thanks to its collagen arrangement. As the soccer player kicks the ball with these soccer cleats, there is a uniform distribution of energy which means that you do not run the risk of some part of the shoe developing cracks.

4. It does not interfere with play:

because of the thinness of kangaroo leather, players do not feel any encumbrance as they play soccer with the cleat, which gives them more control over the ball than with other kinds of shoes.

5. They are durable:

the shield-like property of kangaroo leather gives them a higher useful life than other types of leather. When you buy one kangaroo leather cleat, you will use it for a very long time.

6. It expands:

Because of the kangaroo’s characteristic leather, the cleat expands a little throughout the contours around the foot, making the shoe a lot more comfortable after some use.

Consider this before Choosing Kangaroo Leather Soccer Cleat 

There are a few factors you have to keep in mind while choosing a kangaroo leather soccer Cleat, and they include:

1. Grip

playing soccer with a cleat that does not have a firm grip can cause you to slip and slide around the field. You need to pick a unit that matches the surface you will be playing on, be it: firm ground with little moisture, artificial ground, hard ground like those made of concrete, turf, or even indoor

2. Fit

One advantage kangaroo leather has over most leather is its ability to form to a user’s feet, thus making it look tailor-made for the user.

You need to get a cleat with a snug fit to be as comfortable as possible. You will be doing yourself a great disservice if you wear cleats that are too big or too small. You will be so uncomfortable that you will play a bad game, and you will not enjoy doing that.

3. Budget:

This is one of the most important considerations determining the clear you buy. Usually, the more expensive units have more quality and are more durable; however, there is a cheaper kangaroo leather cleat that will serve you well. You might wait a little longer for it to break in time, and it might be a tad uncomfortable.

High-quality cleats usually have foam inserts that help the cleat mould into your feet’ shape; this will give you improved touch and control.

4. Weight

You don’t want a heavy cleat because it will make movement in the field a little cumbersome. The average weight of most cleats for adults has reduced by 1.4 oz, which tells you that lightweight cleats are in Vogue these days because they are comfortable.

5. Durability

Many people believe that the heavier the shoes, the more durable, but this is certainly not the case with cleats. There are very long-lasting units that are lightweight.

Most kangaroo leather cleats combine the softness of the material and durability. It will be profitable in the long run if you buy a durable cleat, even though it might be more pricey.

Top 5 Kangaroo Leather Soccer Cleats

There are different kangaroo leather soccer cleats that you can find online and in stores; there are so many of them that you might be confused about, given the wide array of choices there. We have narrowed your choices by picking some of the best cleats there.

1. Adidas Copa Mundial FG Soccer Cleats – Adidas Kangaroo Leather Soccer Cleats

This legendary, which has been favored amongst both professional and amateur since the late 1970s, is made from kangaroo leather. Its upper cleats are soft and durable and gits the feet perfectly.

This gives players optimal ball control and improved touch. The sole of this cleat gives a solid playing platform that makes for flexibility because it is made from dual-density polyurethane. At the same time, the inner sock goes a long way in extending the leather heel tab and giving comfort.


1. It is a classic cleat that has a legendary style

2. It is very comfortable and makes for control because of the high-quality Kangaroo leather it is made from.

3. It feels all kinds of feet, whether narrow or wide.

4. It is very durable, and the high heel tab makes for additional protection.


1. The shoelaces are thick and old fashioned

2. The inner socks lack protection.

2. Nike Tiempo Legend 8 Soccer Cleats Nike – Kangaroo Leather, Soccer Cleats

This cleat is made from premium kangaroo leather, and the mold ensures it feels both people with wide or narrow feet. It has un-stitched leather, making for a more snug fit and control.

You can use this cleat comfortably on both wet and dry ground. This lightweight yet durable cleat ensures good traction as you play soccer in it.


1. It had a quad-fit mesh lining that gave a snug fit.

2. The kangaroo leather is premium quality and enhances touch and control.

3. it can fit both people with a wide or narrow fit, and it has a lightweight sole.


1. It is a lot more expensive than most cleats.

3. Umbro Speciali Pro FG Soccer Cleats – Umbro Kangaroo Leather Soccer Cleats

The brand name is popular among soccer players who want a traditional cleat, which is not too colorful but still makes for good performance.

The stitching provides extra ball control, and the soft and supple leather adds comfort to the player. This cleat, which gives the player a custom-fit feeling, has light padding around the collar and a heel tab for added protection and comfort. It also has extra cushions and a perforated side section, making handling easier.


1. It gives a snug fit

2. The blade and stud combine to give good grip even on firm grass

3. It has flexible TPU that makes for quick turns and improved ball control


1. It has a low heel tab.

4. Puma King Soccer Cleats – Puma Kangaroo Leather Soccer Cleats

This is another brand of cleats loved so much by soccer players, and the King is one of its products that has earned this brand its renown.

It is made of high-quality material that is durable as well as comfortable. The knitted tongues impact a kind of beauty to this cleat and a compression fit.

The supple leather gives players control as they dribble and attack in play. This secure and lightweight cleat has external heels and an external heel counter that enhances protection and comfort.


1. It is lightweight, durable, and sleek.

2. It is very comfortable

3. It has improved stability, fit, softness, and ball touch


1. The stitching of the tip of the boot easily gets damaged.

5. Nike Men’s Premier II Indoor Soccer Shoes – Kangaroo Leather Indoor Soccer Shoes

This is another classic cleat by Nike; it has black and white designs and is meant to give optimal comfort. It is very durable. The grooves on the outsole give traction on any surface (especially indoors) because of the multiple contact points.

The kangaroo leather it is made from is premium quality and quite soft, making the cleat fit all kinds of feet perfectly.

With this cleat, you can easily maneuver as you dribble opponents in the field because it makes for flexibility. The folded-over tongues also secure the laces for adequate support.


1. It is good for people who have wide feet

2. It is soft and supple.

3. It had an old, classic look that many people love

4. It is very comfortable


1. It is not colorful

2. The soles are a little too thick


Kangaroo leather makes for perfect soccer cleats because their collagen bundles are arranged in a wave-like pattern that makes them many times tougher than most leather you find around.

The fact that they are thinner means they yield lightweight cleats that give soccer players a lot of comfort and fit.

These durable cleats made from kangaroo leather come in different styles, designs, and brands, but by and large, they allow you to play the game you love in the most comfortable way that you can.

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