Is Swingball Suitable For Adults

Is Swingball Suitable For Adults? (Does it Worth the Investment?)

Kids love lots of fun games, and one of them is swingball. This exciting and fast-action game that has been a hit for kids for many years running is sure to keep your adrenaline pumping in excitement.

Now, if you think it’s only kids who get to enjoy this very interesting game, then you have another thought coming because adults, yes adults, can play swing, which is fast becoming a favorite family pastime in most homes.

If you are contemplating buying a swingball set, but you are wondering if it’s worth committing so much for a game, we can tell you this: ” go ahead and buy the game because it is well worth it.”

How To Play Swingball

Swingball is a variant of Tetherball in which 2 players use a flat plastic bat or a junior tennis racket or racquetball racket to hit a ball attached to a string attached to a pole that is fixed to the ground. The game aims to hit the ball until the rope wraps around the pole completely.

As each player hits the ball in one direction, the other hits it in the opposite direction. The ball travels up or down the metal pole when it gets to the top or bottom of the pole, in which case it can’t be hit anymore because a player has successfully wrapped the string around the pole in their direction, and the player wins the round. You can play as many rounds as you decide to get the winner.

Players position themselves 3 feet from the pole and stand opposite. Any player who steps closer to the pole or hits the ball twice is penalized, and anyone who touches or grabs the pole. In fact, for grabbing the pole, the player loses the round.

And whenever there is an infringement, the game is stopped while the referee wraps the string of the ball at the exact point where the string was before the infringement.

How To Set Up Your Swingball

If you have bought your swingball set, you will notice that it requires a little assembly, but the good news is that it is easy to set up and will not take you more than a few minutes. You must read and understand the manufacturer’s manual that came with the set, so you don’t get stuck on the way.

If you check your new swingball set, you will find a base and lid, Tetherballs, turbo heads, 2 pole connectors, and 3 different pole sizes (Short bottom pole, middle pole, and long top)

The first thing to do is to carefully remove all these parts from the carrying bag, which is also the base of the set. Then you insert the bottom pole into the middle of the base (you will see a hole where you will drive it in).

You then weigh the base down with either sand, tiny rocks, or water to give the base some stability and keep the pole from tipping and falling in the course of play. Using the traditional swingball set driven to the ground, you will not have to worry about keeping the pole balanced.

Next, add the lid to the pole and secure it with the attached clips. You then attach the first connector to the bottom pole, then connect the middle pole to the bottom pole, then attach the second connector with which you will connect the top pole.

With your pole now standing, firmly push the head of the turbo to the tip of the pole and then check the ball with the string attached to it, which came with the swingball set, and pass the loop over the turbo head. Ensure that the string with the ball is hanging freely, or else you will need to adjust the loop of the tether.

Your swingball is ready for use, but before you start to play, you should test the swingball to ensure that the base is stable and secured and that the bat is sturdy and strong enough to be used.

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Is Swingball Suitable For Adults?

Kids are known for so many things, but one of them is their ability to play and have lots of fun without tiring out easily.

Adults love to have fun; they are not as energetic as most kids. Swingball is such fun that kids love to play. The question now is: Can adults play swing ball too?”

The answer is in the affirmative because from what you already know about the game; you can see that there is nothing childish about the game, and what kids can do, adults can do even better, I guess.

The only issue you might have with enjoying the game is that most classic swingball sets have poles that are too short for most adults, so I introduce you to Swingball Pro.

Swingball Pro is a variant of the classic swingball invented by adults. The only issue tall teenagers and adults had with playing the classic swingball game was that the poles were too short, making it quite uncomfortable for them to enjoy playing the game.

In fact that the classic pole was only 1.65 meters high, but the swingball Pro has an adjustable height of 1.8 meters, which is ideal for adults.

Asides from the increased height of the swingball Pro, the pole is also a power-play spiral top, and the ball is a real tennis ball, and these 2-factor results in the game lasting longer than the classic counterpart.

This set also comes with a thicker power bat with a non-slip grip, which balances the bat in an adult’s hand. The poles are also more stable and durable because they are steel.

There are other reasons you will want the swingball Pro; one of them is that it is storable and transportable because the base of the set becomes a carrying bag where you can disassemble all the components and put them there and then carry it like a briefcase.

Like its classic version, Swingball Pro can be played on all surfaces, be it on grass, sand, concrete, or what have. This means you are not restricted to where you can enjoy playing a game or 2 of swingball Pro.

Is Swingball Worth The Investment?

If you already love the game of swingball and are wondering if you should buy a set for yourself, you want to know if investing in an asset will yield the benefits you think it should.

We will say Yes, a swingball set is worth investing your cash on because it not only assures a fun and exhilarating game but also allows you to bond with your loved ones as you have a friendly competition with them, or even as you watch others play.

The benefits of playing swingball are enormous because, for starters, it helps develop motor neuron skills, especially those of kids who are still growing. 

It helps them develop hand and eye coordination, respond quicker to stimuli and react faster. These are qualities that will give them an advantage in life.

As you hit the ball in the game of swingball, it is like a workout for your upper body while also helping increase your spine’s flexibility and balance and tighten your muscles, especially the stomach muscles.

There are other benefits of playing a game of swingball that are not physiological, but they generally help make you an all-rounded individual.

As you play and master the game, you begin to gain confidence in yourself and your ability, and while swingball might never be a career for you, it can build your confidence in yourself to face other things in life that you couldn’t face ordinarily.

Getting Real Value For Your Money

Before you commit your cash to get a Swingball set, you must ensure that you know what you are getting in terms of durability because some Swingball is not as sturdy as they claim to be, and in no time, the set breaks or wears out hence you must choose your swingball sets wisely.

There are a few things you should look out for when shopping for a Swingball set, including:

1. Material

The material used to make a swingball tells you if it’s worth buying. If you are buying a set for kids, it is okay to buy one whose pole is plastic because it is safer for use, lightweight, and can be carried by kids.

But for adults, you will need a swingball Pro made of metal that is sturdy and durable. If you are buying online, read carefully about the material the swingball set is made of so that you don’t buy a pulp.

2. Features

The features of your swingball set tell you of a distinctive attribute or characteristic possessed it possesses that is its unique selling point.

The material of make, the brand that made the swingball set, and any other added value the product has are the product’s features. For instance, some swing ball sets come in distinct colors that make them desirable.

3. Quality

The quality of a product, in its simplest definition, means the product’s value as perceived by the buyer. A swingball set of high quality is fit for use, safe, efficient, conformance to standards, and reliable.

You might not know the quality of a swing set until you use it because even our perception defines what we consider “a quality product.” However, you can get a fair idea by reading the reviews of a given product to form an idea of its quality.

4. Reviews

This is one very important read before you part with money to get your swingball set; this is particularly important if you are shopping online and cannot physically see what you will be getting.

A good review which is unbiased opinions or feedback from customers, will tell you if a product performs just as it promises and if there are other hidden disbenefits that the manufacturer refuses to declare about the product. You should be conscious of how the product is rated as this indicates its quality.

5. Price

All things being equal, the price of a product can convey what its quality should be. It is generally believed that the price of a swingball set is directly proportional to its price, but this can be quite deceptive because some relatively cheaper swingball outperforms some very pricey sets.

The key to getting true value for the money you will be paying is to do more research on the product before you pay for it.

6. Brand

The brand of swingball set you buy gives you an idea of what to expect from their product; this is because there is a perception of the manufacturers of a product which could be negative or positive, that will reflect how we view their product. This perception can be through public opinion or an experience you’ve had regarding the company’s products.

For instance, Mookie toy is a big brand that makes premium toys for kids and produces swingball sets. And little wonder they enjoy a lot of patronages because the public has a public perception of the company and its products. It is best to buy your swingball set whose brand is viewed favorably by the public.


You can see that as an adult, there is nothing that stops you from enjoying swingball games. All you have to do is get the swingball Pro, which is a version of the classic version that is well suited for you as an adult, and you can be sure that that investment is worth it because there are loads of benefits to the game yields.

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