How To Patch A Trampoline Hole (5 Best Ways)

How To Patch A Trampoline Hole (5 Best Ways)

The only thing worse than not having a trampoline is having one with a hole. A hole in your trampoline makes it unsafe for use and renders it useless. 

There are several ways to fix a hole in a trampoline. You can sew it, use adhesive, or call an expert who can do the job quickly.

This article has disclosed how to patch a trampoline hole in the five best ways. These different methods ensure that you have options that can be applied depending on your trampoline’s condition. 

Should you patch the hole on your trampoline?

How To Patch A Trampoline Hole (5 Best Ways)

Most trampolines guarantee a long service life of about 5-10 years, usually lasting that long. But for some premature trampolines, it may only last briefly before a hole develops. 

If your trampoline has a hole, you need to evaluate the situation properly to determine if you need to patch the hole or if you need to replace the trampoline.

Small holes are best handled by patching them, while huge holes more significant than 3 inches will require you to replace the trampoline to prevent accidents while in use completely. 

If your trampoline holds been in use for a long time and the surface seems worn out by the sun, then your best bet is to replace the trampoline.

How To Patch a Trampoline Hole 

How To Patch A Trampoline Hole (5 Best Ways)

Fixing a hole in your trampoline can be done in different ways, and this section explores five different methods this task can be achieved. 

Each method provides detailed instructions on ensuring that the hole is appropriately fixed and that the possibility of accidents while using the trampoline is minimal.

Adhesive Fix

If you want a quick solution to close the hole on your trampoline, an adhesive is your best bet. The Stormsure trampoline mat repair kit has received many positive reviews for effectively fixing holes in trampolines.

To use this adhesive, follow the steps below.

  1. Clean the top and bottom surface of the trampoline with a solvent like an isopropyl alcohol (the surface surrounding the hole)
  2. From the bottom, cover the hole with the Tuff adhesive patch provided
  3. Spread a good amount of the adhesive on the hole.
  4. Use another of the patch provided over the glue applied.

Following these steps, your trampoline should be ready to use quickly. However, if you live in a cold region, this solution may not be effective as it requires a minimum temperature of 5 degrees celsius to cure correctly.

Quickly Sewing The Hole

You will not use a regular clothing needle and thread to sew a hole in your trampoline perfectly. You will need a heavy-duty stitching or repair kit that contains durable needles, patches, and threads resistant to UV rays. That way, it doesn’t go weak with time.

One benefit of fixing your trampoline using this method is that it can fix vast holes, and the repair kit required is affordable and quick to use. This method will be effective with two people involved.

  1. The patch should be cut into twice the diameter of the hole. A circular cut is recommended.
  2. To prevent fraying, burn the edges of the patch slightly.
  3. Pin the patch in place before sewing.
  4. One person should be positioned at the bottom of the trampoline while the other should be at the top to pass the needle through to each other.
  5. Sewing the patch using a cross or whip-stitching style would be best.

Thoroughly Sewing The Hole

While some holes can be easily patched using the sewing method described above, others require severe and comprehensive sewing to ensure it doesn’t burst open on time. It is best suited for holes more significant than 4 inches or holes positioned at the trampoline’s edge.

For this method, you will need a sewing machine with a needle capable of sewing through rigid materials like vinyl and leather. Ensure the thread is UV resistant and tough to prevent the stitch from opening later. Follow these steps to sew a trampoline hole thoroughly.

  1. Remove your trampoline mat from the springs attached to the steel frame.
  2. Put the durable and UV-resistant thread on your sewing machine and thread it through the rigid needle.
  3. Run a tight and robust cross or zig-zag stitch from one side to the other. Repeat this until the hole is completely sewn. 
  4. If a UV-resistant thread is unavailable, you can use a UV spray suitable for fabrics on the thread after sewing.
  5. Put the trampoline mat back on the frame.

Flex Repair Tape

It is another quick solution you can adapt to fix a small hole on your trampoline. The first thing you should do is to get good repair tape. To use this method, follow the steps below.

  1. Peel open the tape and cut out a generous amount that covers the hole perfectly. Place the tape over the hole at the top of the trampoline.
  2. Place the tape over the hole at the bottom of the trampoline using the same cut.
  3. Use a sealant coating to finish the process.
  4. Allow the coating to dry.

While this tape usually permits use under dry and wet conditions, we recommend you use it only.

Hire a Professional

If you have given these methods your best and they could be more effective, you can contact an expert who can help you patch up the hole nicely. 

They usually remove the trampoline mat, work on it, and install it back with the hole taken care of. It is the perfect option if you are not a DIY or have little time.


When your trampoline has a hole, it may seem like there is no solution; if there is, it may be a daunting task. This article provides easy and quick ways to fix holes on your trampoline and a thorough method. Use these methods following the size and position of the hole on your trampoline.

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Before patching any trampoline hole, be sure you have purchased the suitable kit. The thread should resist UV rays, and the adhesive should be used on both sides of the trampoline for effective patching. 

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