How To Keep Water Clean In Kiddie Pool

How To Keep Water Clean In Kiddie Pool

Every parent’s nightmare during the warm season is cleaning the kiddies’ pool and keeping it that way. However, it can be simple. 

Your best bet to not emptying the pool all the time and keeping it from growing green is to remove the debris from the water’s surface. However, you may want an alternative to this method.

You have found your solution if you’ve been looking for ways to keep the water clean in a kiddie pool. This guide has explained six methods you can use to accomplish this.

Why You Need To Keep Your Kiddie Pool Clean

Your kids may get into the pool after a rough activity, or there may be more than one person in the pool. It creates a breeding ground for several bacteria responsible for several infections, including ear Hausarbeit schreiben lassen infections, gastrointestinal infections, wound infections, and respiratory infections; these are severe consequences. 

It is recommended that your kids not get any of this water into their mouth, but it’s kids. There’s no way you can prevent that, even with close supervision. It is essential to keep it clean to avoid all these problems and be at peace when your kids use the pool. 

How To Keep Water Clean In Kiddie Pool

How To Keep Water Clean In Kiddie Pool

There are several ways to keep your kiddie pool clean, and some of these methods can be stressful while others are easier, but they are still effective. 

A popular method is to change the water after every use, but if your kids use the pool frequently, then changing the water may be out of option. Here are some other methods you can consider.

Skimming the pool Many materials can get into the pool, and hand-picking them may be less effective. It is where your butterfly net comes in handy. 

Use it to swipe through the pool to capture these materials. It is recommended that you use a net with smaller mesh holes. This way, you can gather even smaller materials.

It should be done every day, and the best part of this method is that it can be done within minutes.

  1. Covering your kiddie pool

This method ensures that foreign materials do not get into your pool. You can purchase a durable pool cover that removes twigs, leaves, and dirt. A good cover should also be adequate when the rain comes. That is because rainwater is a contributor to the pool water turning green.

To save money on buying a pool cover, you can make your DIY option using a plastic sheet or tarp, but this may not be very effective against rain.

  1. Oil absorbing sponges

If your kids apply sunscreens to prevent sunburn, you know that when they enter the pool, the lotion is washed off. To prevent the sunscreen from contaminating the pool’s water, you can use oil-absorbing sponges to soak them up. 

  1. Sanitize the pool when necessary.

Sometimes, things can get nasty with kids in a pool. If there is an incident where a kid throws up or poops in the pool, you must thoroughly sanitize the pool. 

With a pair of gloves on, try to get rid of most of the mess, drain the water from the pool and then wipe it off with bleach (bleach and a lot of water).

Let the bleach solution sit in the pool for some time before rinsing it off and air drying it. You can also sanitize the pool periodically. 

  1. Vacuum the bottom of the pool.

Some dirt may be settled at the pool’s bottom even after skimming. You can get rid of it using a pool vacuum, and it also works for grime and algae growing at the bottom. 

The only problem with this method is that it may not eliminate these specks of dirt at the bottom of your kiddie pool. 

  1. Clean practices

To reduce the dirt your kids get into the pool, you can have them shower before a swim. You can also set a towel at the foot of the pool to prevent dirt from their feet from getting into the pool.


How To Keep Water Clean In Kiddie Pool

If you have additional questions concerning keeping the water in your kiddie pool clean, they have been answered in this section.

Can I Use Chemicals In My Kiddie Pool?

According to the CDC, using chemicals like bleach or chlorine in a small pool like a kiddie pool is not recommended. It is because some amounts of water can be lost due to splashing, making it difficult to use the correct quantity of chemicals.

Another reason is that there may be a limit to the effectiveness of these disinfectants due to the number of germs that surpass the capabilities of the chemicals.

Do Kiddie Pools Need a Filter To Keep Them Clean?

A pool filter helps keep the water in your kiddie pool clean, but it is not mandatory. You can use an alternative like a pool vacuum. If you are considering a pool filter, it is worth the money. It improves circulation in the water as well.

Is It Safe To Put Bleach In A Kiddie Pool?

It is not recommended to use chemicals, including bleach, in a kiddie pool, and this is because it is too small. However, you can use the correct quantity for disinfection purposes. You can use 6.4 tablespoons of bleach for a pool with a 264-gallon capacity.


Keeping the water in your kiddie pool clean daily can be a lot of work, but this article should have taught several methods to achieve this at your convenience and based on your preference.

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You can change the water daily, use a pool cover, use oil absorbers, and skim or vacuum the pool. We have explained the advantages and downsides of each method to help you choose which is ideal for you. Our FAQ section covers some additional questions you may have. 

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