How To Cover Exposed Wires Outside

How To Cover Exposed Wires Outside

Suppose you have got exposed electrical wires around your home. In that case, you are almost in haste to have it covered because not only will you expose your kids and pets to electrical hazards if they ever touch it, but you are also in danger of damage from adverse weather.

Covering exposed wire is a safety precaution and a legal requirement according to building codes. You can purchase electrical wire covers to keep your wires safe and hidden from view.

These covers are very safe, and I deal with ways of concealing exposed wires. There are other means you can adopt to cover exposed electrical wires. We will have a look at those too.

Dangers Of Exposed Wiring

Dangers Of Exposed Wiring

Exposed wiring is a serious electrical problem, yet many people tend to ignore it or not give it the attention it requires. Exposed wires mean that the outside of the wire has been frayed or damaged, causing the electrical wires and cables underneath to be exposed.

Outdoor wiring for lighting and security is best completed by carefully and strategically hiding away from view all the wires. That is because these wires usually distract from most outdoor decorative themes and the general beauty of your home.

Another reason people cover or conceal the exposed wire or cable outside of their homes is to avoid power cords becoming a tangle or trip-and-fall hazard. Exposed cables are a security risk in homes, especially the ones that connect to alarms, motion detectors, and cameras because thieves or vandals can quickly locate and cut them to prevent detection.

When the electrical wiring of a house is exposed, be it inside or outside the house, many dangerous situations and electrical hazards can happen. For starters, there is an increased chance of an electrical fire with an exposed wire, especially for those outside the house.

It happens because exposed wires usually do not allow the full power to pass through to the needed device. With the power not correctly distributed to the device, the device will draw out more power. The problem is that a high power draw can lead to a tripped circuit or power surge.

Secondly, the power surge will cause the exposed wiring to heat up. It increases the chances of electrical fire may occurring.

Another serious issue with exposed wires is that someone can mistakenly touch them, leading to an electric shock or, worse still, deadly electrocution.

Electrical Wire For Covering Exposed Wires

Electrical Wire For Covering Exposed Wires

The ideal way to cover exposed wires is using an electrical wire cover, a protective covering over the wires to keep them from getting exposed and constituting a safety hazard.

Aside from the fact that wire covers help prevent electric shocks from exposed wires, it also helps to protect cables that would otherwise be at risk of disconnection. They also help to keep wires tidy and adequately secured

Wire covers which are also known as cable protectors come in different categories and sizes, but by and large, the wire can be grouped into two which are:

1. Standard or light-duty wire covers

These are wire covers for domestic purposes or use in small offices. They are usually white or black, even though other color varieties exist.

2. Heavy-duty wire protectors

These are cable protectors that are meant for specialized industrial uses. They are primarily used in big offices or industrial buildings where there is high traffic or places with environmental challenges. These covers come in black or other bright colors that seek to identify them as potential hazards.

How To Cover Exposed Wires Outside

How To Cover Exposed Wires Outside

Aside from the use of cable or wire covers, you can adopt other means of covering exposed wires, including:

Flexible piping

If you have some exposed wire around your house, you could use a staple gun to hold flexible piping on the wire. Your soundest bet will be to go for flexible piping with a larger diameter because it will ensure adequate protection for the cable.

Use Electric Tape

You can also use electric tape to cover exposed wires. It is a speedy and easy method of protecting exposed wires. The only problem, however, is that they are not to be used in wet and humid environments, as this can damage the insulation of the exposed wire.

Secondly, electric tapes are used if only you run exposed cable along a flat surface; on bumpy surfaces, it won’t adhere correctly.

PVC piping

Using PVC piping to cover exposed wires outside your house is very effective and neat. All you have to do is to drill a hole in the pipe, depending on the size of the exposed wire, and then slide the wire through it. You can also decide to glue or fasten the pipe to the wall to protect it further.

Electrical Boxes

You can install an electrical box along the outside wall of your house where all wires can be organized neatly. This solution is helpful, especially if you have multiple wires in a conspicuous place that defaces the whole house.

Floor Tiles

Floor tiles can be used to conceal exposed wires on the outside walls of your house. These tiles come in different styles and colors that would blend with the whole architectural setting of your home. Some tiles even have an opening for cords so you can plug in additional devices.

Special Mounting Base

You can get a professional electrician to help you secure a suitable plastic or metal mounting base that is big and deep enough to hide all exposed wires outside the house.

The wires are coiled close to the base of the outdoor light fixture using a plastic tie or electrical tape and then placed within the remarkable mounting base. You can also use a box-style mounting for pathway lights connected to underground wires.

You Can Use Paintable Channel Raceway

You can use an outdoor wire raceway to cover the wires in an office environment with many unsightly and potentially dangerous wiring outside, especially those from computers and other systems. These sleek and modern ways of covering exposed wires have the advantage that you can stain or paint the raceways to blend into your office setting.

Decorative Outdoor Cover

The idea behind decorative outdoor covers is to conceal exposed wire rather than cover it outrightly. You can hide cables on the outside walls, circuit breakers, and other electrical systems with decorative boxes and decorative porch roof molding.

Many DIYers devise different faux rustic and modern decorative designs for concealing exposed wires. For example, many people might hide wires, cables, and attached systems under or behind a cover designed to look like a sculpture, lighthouse, small shed, stone pedestal, sculpture, birdhouse, etc.


In a home, or any building for that matter, wires will inevitably get exposed and pose an electrocution, safety, and security risk for the occupants, especially the kids, and pets. Hence there is a need to cover exposed wire, especially those outside the house exposed to the elements.

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Electrical wire covers are your best option, but other reasonable alternatives are practical, like PVC, unique mounting bases, and a paintable channel raceway.

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