How Much Does It cost to Remove a Palm Tree

How Much Does It Cost To Remove A Palm Tree (Complete Guide)

A palm tree is not always useful; this applies most when it takes up a lot of reasonable space. When removing a palm tree, you can do it yourself or contact a professional.

To get rid of a palm tree, you can cut it down or dig around it. However, these procedures can be risky and labor-intensive.

Before contacting an expert to get this job done, you probably wonder how much it costs to remove a palm tree. This post contains all the relevant information concerning the cost of removing a palm tree.

How Much Does It Cost To Remove A Palm Tree?

Removing a palm tree can be a huge challenge for anyone attempting to make it a DIY project; even for an expert, a lot of care must be taken.

If you have a rare specie of palm tree, it will be removed and transplanted to a safe place; this palm identifier is a great tool for learning more about the value of your palm tree.

The amount you spend on removing a palm tree depends on the height of the palm tree and how long it takes to carry out this task. Below are the price rates for removing palm trees of different heights.

  • $100 – $500 (for small trees up to 30 feet)
  • $300 – $1000 (30 feet – 50 feet)
  • $850 – $2000 (60 feet – 80 feet)

Factors That Affect The Cost Of Removing A Palm Tree

The factors that affect the price you pay for removing a palm tree depend on how challenging the task is. Generally, tree removal is a risky job that must be done with caution or could lead to property damage or severe injury. You should expect to pay a high price depending on the following factors.

  • Height of the palm tree
  • Condition
  • Time
  • Location of the palm tree
  • The specie of palm tree
  • Stump removal
  • Clean-up
  • Emergency removal

1. Height of palm tree

The height of your palm tree is one of the major factors influencing the removal cost. Tall trees pose a great risk of damaging properties if not done carefully, and it takes a lot of time to complete.

Tall trees also create a lot of mess that takes some time to clean up compared to the mess created by a shorter tree. To reduce the amount you pay, you can help clean up.

2. Condition

You can either have a neat palm tree that has been cared for or one that looks rough. A neat palm tree has been trimmed regularly and will be easier to remove; hence it will cost less.

However, a messy palm tree with its fronds sticking out everywhere will be difficult to remove as many pre-removal steps will need to be taken.

3. Time

a palm tree that is easy to remove will take more time than one that’s difficult. Some individuals or organizations may charge you according to the time used to complete the task or the tree’s height. Expect to pay more for a longer time spent.

4. Location Of Palm Tree

Your palm tree may be in an area that is easily accessible, or it can be located in an area that makes removal difficult. A good example can be seen in a palm tree located between a fence and a house.

The removal will need to be done in multiple steps and will take more time. You may pay more if your palm tree is positioned close to any property that can be easily damaged.

5. The Specie Of Palm Tree

Rare species of palm trees will need to be removed, transported, and transplanted in a safe place. This means that the removal process will need to be done with care in order not to damage the tree.

A rare specie will take more time to remove compared to a common specie. The advantage of having a rare specie of palm tree is that you sell it for a high price.

6. Stump Removal

Removing a palm tree can be done by cutting it down. It will cost less just to cut off the palm tree, but you will need to pay an additional amount to get rid of the tree stump.

This is because getting rid of the stump means getting rid of the roots which grow deep; this process also involves using heavy machinery. (Stump grinder).

7. Clean-up

Getting rid of a palm tree can create a huge mess that will need to be cleaned up. The more the mess, the more you pay, but as we said earlier, you can reduce the cost by helping out in the clean-up process.

8. Emergency Removal

If you have just discovered that your palm tree is dangerous or poses a safety risk and want it removed immediately, you will pay more for speedy removal. This can happen in cases where an unexpected event involving the palm tree occurs.


There are a lot of questions to be asked when getting rid of a palm tree on your property, some of which have been answered below.

How Deep Do The Roots Of Palm Trees Grow?

The roots of palm trees are called fibrous roots, which continuously spread below the soil to hold the palm tree firmly. The major root system can extend as far as 3 feet while the secondary ones continue to grow deeper.

Why Should I Remove My Palm Tree?

Palm trees are known for taking up a lot of valuable space, which may be needed when building a new structure or renovating an existing one.

It can also harbor pests that can be harmful to your health, and it can cause damage to properties around it, especially during bad weather conditions.

Can I Get Rid Of A Palm Tree Myself?

You can get rid of a palm tree yourself; however, you must be careful and take some safety precautions. You may also be required to seek legal permission to carry out this task yourself. You can follow these procedures on how to kill a palm tree.


If you do not want to get rid of your palm tree on your own or consider it a labor-intensive task, you can contact an expert at this job.

The cost of removing a palm tree from your property has been discussed in this article, and some factors influence this cost.

Some important factors that may affect the cost of this tree removal include the height, location, specie, and neatness of your palm tree and the time taken to carry out the removal.

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