Solo Stove On A Wood Deck

Can You Put a Solo Stove On A Wood Deck

One of the joys of the outdoors is lighting a fire where you can enjoy nature in the evenings, and fire pits have proven to be a sure way of doing so without the hassles that making bonfires entails. One such fire pit now a rave is the Solo Stove Brand of Products.

Solo Stoves are engineered so that they do not give off smoke which can irritate the eyes and even trouble your neighbors.

And if you are thinking of putting these Solo Stoves on your wood deck, we say, YES, you can, but you must take certain precautions. Come along, and we will let you in on them.

The Solo Stove

Many people love that earthy flavor that foods cooked with wood give, but not the smoke that hurts the eyes and causes them to cough; this is where Solo Stoves come to the rescue.

A solo stove that its manufacturer’ dubbed “the world’s most unique fire pit” is an innovative fire pit that burns firewood, producing a hot contained fire with very few flying sparks while eliminating the smoke produced. 

This is made possible because the fire pit has a 360° Airflow Design, a well-engineered airflow where cool air flows into the stove and is moved in 1 of 2 directions.

The 360° Airflow Design means that holes are placed strategically at the top and bottom of the fire pit with a double walk structure, enabling air from the bottom to be drawn in, which helps keep the fire burning at the base.

Preheated oxygen, however, goes through the top holes to fuel the higher flames; this means that there is a lot of air flowing in the system, and a secondary burn results, which is very efficient because it produces a large amount of heat, that gives a warm and enjoyable fire, with little or no smoke in the process.

The beauty of this process is that it is fun to watch this stove burn wood with almost no smoke, and a better still, only a very small fraction of ash is produced.

The Uniqueness Of Solo Stove

There are so many reasons why you will find Solo stoves quite different from all other fire pits you find around, including:

1. They Are Smokeless:

This is one of the unique selling points of this fire pit, all thanks to its 360° Airflow Design. With this fire pit, you can have a pleasant fire experience without that characteristic smoke smell that lingers on your hair, body, and clothes afterward.

2. They Are Quite Portable

Sometimes, it can be quite frustrating when you try to move your fire pit from one part of your backyard to another, or even to a neighbor’s backyard, or just somewhere because it is heavy and bulky.

It’s even worse if your fire pit is built to the ground, which means you can not move it at all, but with Solo Stove, you do not have this kind of problem.

You can easily carry this product anywhere you want because it is very portable, light, and compact that it can fit into a camping bag or backpack; most Solo stoves come with a carrying case that fits perfectly.

3. It Has A Long Useful Life

Solo Stoves are very sturdy and durable fire pit that can last for a long time; this is because it is made of stainless steel, which is more durable than most alternatives.

The quality of the product is not affected by the wood burning on the fire pit; the only issue is that the stove will not have that same glow when you use it for a while because the fire will expose it to high temperatures.

4. You Get The Wood Burning Experience

There is an ambiance that log fires have that you can’t get with a gas-burning fire pit; this is what this unit gives you. You get the feel of wood-burning, which is what this is all about.

5. You Get a lifetime guarantee

If you use the Solo product the way it is recommended and the product gets worn out, you could get a one-time replacement at 50% off, but if there is a manufacturing defect, they will replace it free of charge. This is a warranty that most people will go for.

Can You Put a Solo Stove On A Wood Deck

Yes, you can put your Solo stove on a wood deck, but you cannot put it directly on the deck because Untreated wood ignites at 356°F, and solo stoves can greatly heat that is twice; this means that you must use a means of creating a barrier from the radiant heat from the stove getting to the wood deck. Here are helpful suggestions:

1. Don’t leave it on the wood deck for a long time

We understand that most times, time flies when you are having a lot of fun, and time passes with your Solo stove on your wood deck. 

This prolonged exposure of the wood deck to intense radiant heat and even Sparks from the cracking wood in the stove can so stress the wood that it becomes weak and, in due course, will certainly break. Keeping your Solo stove on a wood deck for more than 2 hours is not safe.

2. Use The Official Solo Stove Stand:

You already know that the air and heat flow from your Solo stove can flow both upwards and downwards, and when this radiate heat radiates downwards, it will damage your wood deck. 

This becomes more problematic if there is a strong wind blowing as you light the stove, which further exposes the deck to more fire risk.

Hence, as you buy the solo stove, you should also buy the solo stove stand to prevent any damage to your wood deck.

They are made so that they can keep surfaces cool while the fire of the Solo Stove rages on. These sturdy stands are heat-resistant 304 Stainless Steel, which is engineered to fit perfectly on the given fire pit.

Asides from protecting your wood deck, the solo stove stand also allows proper airflow through the bottom of the Solo Stove for better burning. 

The stand helps to ensure that the stove is as smokeless as advertised. It also provides stability to the stove itself better than plywoods or brick can offer.

3. The Solo Stove Shield

The job of this accessory is to reduce the risk of embers and sparks from the fire pit landing on the wood deck and damaging the deck or even leading to a fire disaster. 

The shield is a screen constructed of the same 304 stainless steel as the stove itself, and it fits the top of the fire pit just above the upper vents.

The combo of the Solo Stove Stand and the Solo Stove shield ensures that you can use the stove on a wood deck without any worries.

4. Use a Fire Pit Barrier Mat Barrier

If you want added protection to your wood deck as you place your Solo stove on it, you should get a heat-resistant fire pit mat barrier that is of good quality and place it under the wood deck before you put the stand and the stove. These mats are made of heat-resistant materials. These mats come in varieties of shapes, sizes, and manufacturers.

Before you get a fire pit mat barrier, ensure that you measure the area of your Solo fire pit and ensure that you buy a mat barrier that is its size, this is to ensure that there is enough space where the embers from the wood can land on.

When choosing a fire pit mat barrier, ensure that you go for a product that can deflect the heat of very high temperatures; in fact, some mats can deflect heat as high as 1800°F. The mat should be waterproof and have a non-skid surface to ensure that the fire pit does not slide.

5. Use Pavers:

If you cannot lay your hands on a fire pit mat barrier, you can improvise by putting pavers under your solo stove stand. The cool thing about these pavers is that they add a layer of beauty to the whole setup while ensuring that the stove remains stable.

However, you shouldn’t use the stove for more than 5 hours when using pavers because they begin to lose their structural integrity after longer times of being exposed to that much heat from your stove.

Precautions To Adhere To While Using A Solo Stove

Like all fire pits, Solo stoves should be handled with care, and this is because fires are unpredictable and can easily get out of control in a matter of seconds. These are a few precautionary steps you need to take in using a Solo stove or any fire pit for that matter:

1. Be sure to place the stove in an area free of cutter or flammable materials like dry leaves, papers, and the likes because embers can fly from the stove and land on such materials, thereby starting a fire.

2. If it is possible to keep the wood deck where you will be placing your Solo stove dry, then do so to ensure that any ember that lands on the wood will die because of the wetness of the wood.

3. Do not use your Solo stove on your wood deck on very windy days despite every precautionary measure you have. For starters, the wind can cause the stove to sway and fall, and the wind can cause the embers and Sparks to fly faster and farther, thereby increasing the risk of a fire outbreak.

4. Ensure that you have at least 6 feet vertical distance between your solo stove and any overhanging structure. The heat from the stove can damage these overhanging structures like awnings, branches, patio overhangs, and the like.

5. Ensure that you have at least a fire-fighting material close by using your Solo stove. A bucket of sand or fire extinguisher should be handy as you enjoy your fire pit so that you are prepared if the fire goes out of control.

6. Never leave the fire unattended at any moment because it can be disastrous.


Solo stoves are an innovative product that seeks to provide you with a fire experience without the smoke that comes with it.

You can place this unit on a wood deck if you protect the deck by using a stand, a fire pit mat barrier, and a fire pit shield to ensure that your safety and those of your loved ones are guaranteed as you relax and unwind around the stove.

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