Can You Mix Lava Rock And Fire Glass

Can You Mix Lava Rock And Fire Glass in Firepit?

Lava rocks and fire glass are the best filling choice for new propane or natural gas fire pits. Lava rock and fire glass are individually beneficial in their unique way, but what if they could be combined.

Can you mix lava rocks and fire glass in a fire pit? Yes, this combination is possible. This combination brings about better heat distribution and a better-looking fire pit.

If you want to know more about combining fire glass and lava rocks, then you are in good hands as we have covered all the important details in this article.

What is Fire glass?

Fire glass is a very colorful glass that offers a reflective capability and is an excellent choice for a fire pit. This is because tempered glass is the opposite of normal glass.

Fire glass has a very smooth and polished surface to aid reflection and prevent sharp edges while heat properties are being established.

If a gas fire pit is present in your home, you can use fire glass as a filling since one of the properties of this glass is to withstand heat at a high temperature to prevent defects like melting, burning, or acquiring color. Another benefit of using a fire glass is the absence of features like no smoke, no ash or soot, and a non-toxic smell.

Fire glass can last for at least 20 to 40 years if used and maintained properly, and this fire glass can be scooped out, washed, and rinsed with normal detergent if it acquired dust throughout usage.

Type of Fire Glass

  1. Classic fire glass has the appearance of crushed glass, and the fire glass has a type of jagged appearance, which comes in sizes of 1/3, ½, and ¼ and different types of color.
  2. Premium fire glass: this type of fire glass originally had a polished surface, a colorful display, and a mirror finish. This creates a vibrant and static look even without being set at blaze due to the reflective nature that reflects sunlight.
  3. Fire beads fire glass: this type of fire glass is mostly chosen by people for its contemporary trait and its uniformity in shape. It also looks good because of its polished surface and reflective appearance.
  4. Recycled fire glass: this type of fire glass is very eco-friendly and is not all harmful. This has the same process as other fire glass in re-firing. This comes in mainly two types of size, which are ½ and ¾, and also comes in a different type of color than the rest of the fire glass.
  5. Zircon fire glass: this type of fire glass has a lustrous appearance, and this is because this fire glass comes in the shape of a diamond. Zircon offers an excellent fire feature of beauty because of its luxurious appearance.

Advantages of Fire Glass on Fire Pits

1. Low Maintenance 

mentioned earlier, fire glass does not melt, burn, or obtain color, and soot and ashes are not produced for the individuals to clean up. Another great thing about fire glass is that mid-burn maintenance is not required.

Kindling is not required before starting your fire, and the fire glass is almost spotless without the presence of soot and ash in the fire glass.

The income spent on maintenance and repairs is very reasonable and can be easily afforded.

2. Durability

This type of fire glass possesses immunity that allows it to last for a long time. Fire glass cannot break, pop, or crack due to its high resistance to high heat temperature. This glass saves expenses for individuals. This can be easily cleaned in a few easy steps: washing with normal detergent and ensuring it is rinsed properly before being kept back.

3. Safety Qualities

Safety quality is one of the advantages of fire glass because it is well polished and tumbled during its manufacturing process to avoid the formation of sharp edges. 

These glasses guarantee comfort and safety as they do not pop or crack easily unless subjected to a very high temperature. Unlike other tempered glass, this doesn’t release toxins into the atmosphere.

4. Efficient Temperature Radiation

Unlike stone and logs, glasses are better conductors due to their polished reflective surface. Fire elevates heat radiation in a fire pit 4 to 5 times when using a burner of great quality and makes the heat project upward.

What Are Lava Rocks?

Lava rocks are particles of sedimentary materials that solidify, melt and cool. This rock has been sized into small pieces and then sand from other volcanic rocks, which are components of lava fragments.

Lava rocks come in a sponge-like appearance and different colors; with this feature, they possess an interesting component for landscaping.

Where Do Lava Rocks Come From?

Most lava rock comes from the United States, including Texas, Colorado, Oregon, California, and Washington.

And can also be found in other countries like India, Indonesia, the Philippines, and islands like Hawaii. Hawaii has good lava rocks because of their good lava rock formation.

Benefits of Using Lava Rocks in Fire Pits

1. Fire Pit Burner Protection From The Element: In all types of weather conditions, fire rock is a protection shield for your fire pit burner in a solid of 2-3 layers of lava rocks. Also, it creates water to move toward the fire pits and therefore serves as a drainage system.

2. It Serves As a Burner Shield From The Surface Flame: The flame moves through gaps in a fire rock due to the gas fuel; this happens when the gas fire pit is lit. At this point, the fire begins to heat the surface, but the help of lava rock helps shield the burner, making it last long and affecting the duration.

3. Flames and heat distribution: Lava rock for propane fire pit distribute more heat about

4. They are 2 to 3 times more than normal rocks, and this heat spread through the whole fire pit burner pan.

5. It is not costly: lava rocks used in fire pit is not that expensive and cost about $2 to 3/lb

6. The colors of lava rocks are durable: this does the job for a very long time and can retain their natural color.

Can You Mix Lava Rock And Fire Glass in Firepit

In a propane or natural gas fire pit, fire glass and fire pit lava rocks can be used to complement themselves. It is almost the same as one of them if they are placed in formation or layer in the fire pit burner pan.

They complimented each other and have advantages like better radiation of heat distribution, providing more safety for the component of the fire pit, and giving a lot of design structure for the fire pit. It is not expensive the preparation of the fire pit.

The insulation property is archived when fire pit lava rock and fire glass are combined. In mixing fire glass and lava rock, the amount of fire glass should be more than that of fire pit lava rock or can be bought and applied in the ratio of 1:1. Some vendor sells lava rock and fire glass mixed.

The Benefit of Mixing Lava Rock With Fire Glass

Here are some major benefits you can enjoy when combining fire glass and lava rocks.

1. Functionality 

The fire pit media provides the physical buffer zone between the heating medium and the heating element. The gas for fueling spread wide through cracks and crevices of the fire pit burner pan.

Lava rocks tend to add the intensity of heat radiation and give a very suitable outcome. Lava rock insulating makes it superior to fire glass and makes the combination very even.

 2. Appearance

While each o these rocks will be great on thief own, combined will give your fire pit a unique look and make it aesthetically pleasing. If you are not a very big fan of the appearance of lava rocks, then you should try this combination.

But a disadvantage of fire glass is its ability to acquire dust, whereby the fire glass must be scooped out and cleaned out from time to time, but when it is well utilized, it is safe to say it has a lot of advantages.

3. Financially

The amount of lava is just as less as that of fire glass, and this also saves money in times of repairs and maintenance in the long run. The combination of fire glass and lava rocks has the best heat protection option. 


The appropriate answer is yes; fire glass and lava rocks can be mixed to achieve a beautiful sensation. Different types of fire glass can be considered in the selection of fire glass which is Classic fire glass, Premium fire glass, Fire beads fire glass, Recycled fire glass, Zircon fire glass, and Fire glass dot.

Lava rocks are best used as they have been sized into small pieces before being used in a fire pit. Combining fire glass and lava rocks benefits are improved functionality, appearance, and a more affordable way to use your fire pit.

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