Can I Use Rust-oleum On A Fire Pit?

There are so many ways to customize the looks of your Fire pit, and one of these ways is to paint it.

You can use some paints to give your fire pit a nice look, and you can also use them if your fire pit is rusty. But can you use rust oleum on a fire pit?

Reading further, you will learn how to paint your fire pit using rust oleum and all the reasons your fire pit gets rusty.

Can I Use Rust-oleum On A Fire Pit?

Can I Use Rust-oleum On A Fire Pit?

Yes, you can. Using spray paints is the ideal way to customize your fire pit, and rust oleum is one of the best.

Rust oleum can withstand a lot of heat at about 1200°F, which prevents it from being affected by the heat generated from the fire pit, which can rise to 800°F.

You can apply the spray paint only on the outside of your firepit, as it should not be in contact with the flames. While you can design the exterior of your fire pit, rust-oleum also secures it from elements that could cause it to rust. You can choose from the various colour shades available but ensure they are all heat-resistant.

How To Paint A Fire Pit With Rust-Oleum

The first step towards painting your fire pit is to purchase the rust-oleum spray paint, gather the materials you need, and prepare the area. This DIY task is not difficult and can be completed within minutes. Here are the materials you will need for this process.

  • Two cans of Rust-Oleum high heat ultra enamel spray (colour of your choice)
  • Sandpaper
  • Stripping pad with handle
  • Wooden wire brush with handle
  • Ground cover (plastic dropcloth or rosin paper)
  • Denatured alcohol
  • Your fire pit
  • Soft cloth
  • Soap
  • Water
  • Gloves

Step 1

Wash and rinse your fire pit with soap and water using the stripping pad to remove debris and dust. It will make painting more accessible and will give you a smoother finish.

Step 2

Your paint sticks better on a rough surface, so you must use sandpaper to remove any buildup rust or paint chippings. In situations where the buildup of rust is much, you can use a wire brush to scrub it out.

Step 3

Apply some denatured alcohol on your soft cloth and use it to clean your fire pit, do this with your gloves on to prevent it from getting on your skin. It is the last cleansing method before painting.

Step 4

Spread your ground cover over your work area, and once the alcohol on your fire pit is dry, shake the spray for about 2 minutes.

Start spray painting your fire pit in a back-and-forth motion, and then you can eventually start overlapping the paint.

There are scenarios where the paint starts to drip and to avoid this problem, you can apply a light coat of paint first, and then after waiting for some time, you can apply the second coat.

For best results, hold your spray paint 12 – 16 inches away from the surface of your fire pit, and do not carry out this process close to an open flame.

How To Care For A Fire Pit

How To Care For A Fire Pit

Maintaining your fire pit is crucial to help it last longer than intended. It also saves you the cost of repairs due to damage. You must follow some essential maintenance rules after purchasing a fire pit.

Clean your fire pit after every use.

After using your fire pit, some ashes, dust, and debris are usually collected and deposited at the bottom of it. It is essential to clean out all of these to ensure that they don’t clog the air holes, and when left to sit on your fire pit, ashes can absorb moisture, leading to rusting.

Coat some metal parts with oil.

It is beneficial to dab the oil on some metal parts of your fire pit. A good example can be after cleaning the ashes and debris. You can apply oil in this area with a cloth or a little brush. This technique prevents moisture from coming in contact with the metal, thus preventing rust.

Coat it

If your fire pit is made of material prone to rust, you can apply some metal coat to extend the time before it starts to rust. Coating and other maintenance procedures will allow your fire pit to last for years.

Repair any minor damage.

Not attending to minor damage when noticed can eventually lead to a bigger problem. When you notice a rusted patch on your fire pit, you can use a rust dissolver to remove it before it spreads beyond the surface.

What Causes a Fire Pit To Rust?

Some essential maintenance rules must be followed after purchasing a fire pit, contributing to rusting.

Knowing that the material your fire pit is made of determines how easily it rusts important. Stainless steel tends to rust slowly compared to aluminum or copper.

Rusting occurs in the presence of moisture and air, so if your fire pit is exposed to these elements, it will start to rust. While rust is inevitable in your fire pit, you can slow it down by taking good care of it and preventing it from being wet all the time.


If you’ve been considering using rust-oleum spray paint to design your fire pit, you should use it on the exterior. While this paint has a quality of withstanding high temperatures, you must keep it away from the flames as it can be burnt to release toxic chemicals.

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Following the maintenance tips in this article, you should be able to keep your fire pit from rusting, and knowing what makes it rust also gives you an idea of what and what not to do. The above steps should have taught you how to spray paint your fire pit.

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