Best Time To Plant Bermuda Grass Seeds

What Is The Best Time To Plant Bermuda Grass Seeds?

Everyone loves a good lawn with fresh and healthy grass. Healthy Bermuda grass makes your lawn or yard look great; Aside from that, a fresh lawn is perfect for your kids’ or pets’ playtime.

Maybe spring is approaching, or it has already arrived, and you want to know when to plant Bermuda grass; keep reading this article to find out.

We will guide you on the best time to plant Bermuda seeds and how long it takes for Bermuda grass to grow. We will also discuss the best way to plant Bermuda and the common problems with Bermuda grass.

What is Bermuda Grass?

Best Time To Plant Bermuda Grass Seeds

Bermuda grass is a perennial grass native to tropical and subtropical regions. 

This grass is used in warm regions as lawn and pasture grass; its height ranges between 4 to 10 inches.

This grass has the most widespread distribution and can be used for various purposes; an important example is serving as nourishment for some farm animals.

This grass is known for its heat, drought, and salt tolerance. This grass grows well with direct sunlight and well-drained soil. Its ability to regenerate quickly makes it perfect for a good-looking lawn.

Is it Easy to Grow Bermuda Grass From Seed?

Growing Bermuda grass from seed is not at all difficult. It requires only a little to grow as it is not picky when it comes to soil type. With little time, it grows massively, even creeping up surfaces; you will need herbicides if this happens.

Some little factors make growing Bermuda grass from seed a little hard. You will have to consider the seed type and the amount of seed you use to plant. But even with these factors, growing Bermuda grass from seed is quite easy.

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What Month Do You Plant Bermuda Seeds?

If this is your first time planting Bermuda seeds, you probably wonder which month is the best to plant these seeds. You may be alternating between early spring, mid-spring, late spring, or early summer.

The best month to plant Bermuda seeds is late spring in May or early summer in June. You can plant the seeds in mid-spring if you are in a hurry, but the best time to grow Bermuda grass.

Can I Throw Down Bermuda Grass seeds?

If you want to plant Bermuda grass the easy way, you can throw the seeds on your lawn as it will grow. But this is not the best way to grow healthy grass. There is so much more involved when growing grass than just throwing the seeds on the ground.

When Bermuda grass is thrown on the floor, it doesn’t acquire the necessary care for proper growth. Your grasses will grow, but they will not develop a solid root which will cause their quality to diminish with time.

You should also know that if you want a good-looking lawn, you need to put in some effort to care for the grasses.

What is The Best Time to Plant Bermuda Grass Seeds?

You may think spring is the best time to plant and grow your Bermuda grass seeds, but it is not. As we said earlier, the best time to plant Bermuda grass seed is in May, which is late spring, June, early summer.

This is the best time to grow your grass because the temperature is warm, and the frost is completely gone. Under these circumstances, you can now plant your Bermuda grass seeds in warm, healthy soil.

How Long Does it Take for Bermuda Grass to Grow From Seed?

Bermuda grass is a perennial that grows and spreads around real fast. This means that it should take 7 to 14 days to grow Bermuda grass. But of course, this growth cannot just be achieved without some effort.

Bermuda grass grows swiftly and is healthy when they are raised with care. You should provide the right amount of water, sunlight, and nutrients to your grass for quick and healthy growth.

Is it Hard to Grow Bermuda Grass From Seed?

It is not hard to grow Bermuda grass from seed; it may seem difficult because adequate care needs to be given to the grass seeds. Fortunately, the special attention given to your grass will only last for a few days, but it’ll be worth it when your grass grows.

To care for Bermuda seeds, you will need to water them lightly, careful not to flood the soil. You should ensure that your soul has good draining capabilities. 

The amount of water given to the soil can decrease with time. When your grass grows up to 2 inches, it should be mowed to increase its strength and widespread.

What is the Best Way to Plant Bermuda Grass?

The best way to plant Bermuda grass is by seed. This process is straightforward and doesn’t require complex tools to carry out. Below are the appropriate steps to plant Bermuda grass by seed.

  1. Take the area you plan to plant the seed
  2. Spread the seeds evenly and cover with a thin layer of soil
  3. The seeds should be about ¼ inches deep into the soil
  4. Water your seeds daily for fast and healthy growth.

What is Bad About Bermuda Grass?

While you may want a beautiful yard or lawn enriched with Bermuda grasses, you should know that there are some drawbacks to planting Bermuda grass.

Because of its widespread nature, Bermuda grass tends to grow out of bounds. This means that you will have to deal with them growing in locations not meant to extend to. In some cases, they creep up your building.

To solve this problem, homeowners should use lawn edgers to properly cut off the grass extension, followed by herbicide to kill any routing grass.

Sometimes neighbors have to deal with this problem, and it can end up with their plants being killed by herbicide when trying to get rid of your widespread Bermuda grass.


Bermuda grass is a popular lawn grass known across the US and other tropical regions. They are known for their fast regenerative property and ability to withstand harsh conditions.

However, they need dome care and maintenance to grow up healthy. The best time to plant Bermuda grass is late spring or early summer.

It’s not difficult to grow Bermuda grass from seeds; all you need to do is cover it with a light layer of soil that has good drainage.

You should water your seeds every day as they grow, and then when they are fully grown, you can reduce the amount of water they get.

Bermuda grass can be a problem when they extend past the boundaries set for them, but you can control it by lawn edging and using it.

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