Kitchen Compost Grinder – 6 Best Kitchen Compost Grinder for Home Use

Composts are the best choice for growing fruits, vegetables, and flowers in our gardens and for commercial agricultural purposes.

This is because they contain plant nutrients in the form and amount these plants produce optimally.

Compost can be made from many materials that can be found around us, from wood chippings to garden waste and even kitchen, they can be composted to release nutrients to the plant.

The composting of this material can take close to a year, if not more, to decompose enough to be useful to your plants; this is one of the reasons why many people shy away from making compost.

However, there is a faster and easier way of getting your compost ready, and that is by grinding them aerated and creating more surface areas for the decomposition process to speed up.

There are many grinders for grinding your kitchen waste that you want to turn into compost, just as there are other grinders for grinding different types of composting materials.

Can You Blend Kitchen Scraps for Compost?

Yes, indeed, you can turn your kitchen waste into food for your plants by first blending them. This is one life hack that is gaining popularity amongst gardeners because composting is made easy and better and a nice way to dispose of your kitchen scraps.

Almost all your kitchen scraps can be blended and turned into compost. The University of Georgia Extension service stated that anything eaten or grown in a field or garden could be composted. This includes eggshells, bread, unbleached paper, vegetable peels and the rest of them.

However, if you want to blend your compost, you shouldn’t blend certain materials like eggshells, meat and other products that can damage your blender.

You can blend all other kitchen scraps, but before you do, add some water to the blender, and the consistency should be that of a smoothie. You can incorporate this into your compost bin or even directly to your soil.

How Do You Grind Up Compost?

You can use the different compost grinders to grind your compost; these grinders come in different sizes and designs for composting different materials.

Some people improvise with other machines that break materials down, including blenders, paper shredders, and woodchippers.

How Do I Speed Up Kitchen Waste Compost?

You can speed up your kitchen waste compost by doing the following:

  1. You can add old compost to your compost bin to help kick start the composting process. These old composts are activators that introduce more microbes into the compost.
  2. If you are using a Hot Bin compost bin, you can put a hot water bottle to help heat the compost bin.
  3. To maintain the heat of the compost bin, use any of the numerous compost duvets to achieve.
  4. Aerate your compost to introduce air into the compost pile because the fungi and other microorganisms that decompose these compost ingredients need oxygen to thrive, especially during the aerobic stage of the decomposition. Turning it once in two days is ideal.
  5. Use high nitrogen materials like chicken manure as activators to speed up the composting. These activators act as starters for the compost pile and hence ‘encourages’ the compost pile to compost faster.
  6. Reduce the size of your compost material by grinding them to create a lot of surface area. The importance of grinding your compost also includes the fact that it helps to reduce the volume of your compost.
  7. Use a type of charcoal called biochar to reduce the time it will take for your compost to be ready; this biochar also acts as compost activators.

How Do You Grind Kitchen Waste?

Grinding your kitchen waste is a way of recycling or, should we say: upcycling (upcycling is when you turn waste into something beautiful or useful) your kitchen scrap, it does not only reduce the time it takes your compost to be ready, but it also reduces the volume or the space that your compost material take up especially if you do not have a lot of space in your house.

You can use different everyday equipment to grind your kitchen waste like the blender, food processor, antique meat grinder and Cuisinart.

Some people even resort to chopping their food scraps with knives, and the great news is that they got a faster compost. So, if you do not want to spend any cash getting a compost grinder for your kitchen waste, then feel free to improvise with what you have at home.

Some of the 6 Best Kitchen Compost Grinder for Home Use

There are lots of compost grinders that are very effective in grinding kitchen compostable materials and turning them to compost. Here are some quality compost grinders or shredders that you will find effective in your composting quest:

1. SuperHandy Woodchipper Shredder Mulcher

Kitchen Compost Grinder

This woodchipper cum grinder is an all-electric corded device that can be used to grind your compost.


  1. It is electrically powered, which means it does not produce smog that is common with gasoline chippers.
  2. It has a 40l collection bin which is large enough to grind and compost a large volume of kitchen scrape.
  3. They have an innovative electric power plant that makes the machine runs without making any sound
  4. They come with a safe and sturdy push paddle

Why people love it

  1. It is an Eco-friendly machine that does not pollute the air with the smog because it uses electricity.
  2. It has a large compost bin that makes it good for making more compost
  3. They are ultra-silent and so does not cause any noise pollution.
  4. They can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

2. Worx WG430 13 Amp Electric Leaf Mulcher

Kitchen Compost Grinder

This compost grinder is engineered with cutting-edge technology that uses a bladeless Flex-a-Line Mulching system to reduce compost material to less than 10% of its original size.

Why people love it.

  1. This machine is easy and quick to assemble, and putting it together does not require using any tool.
  2. They are not as expensive as some other products of the same size.
  3. They are sturdy yet portable.

3. Earthwise GS70015-AMP Garden Corded Electric Chipper

Kitchen Compost Grinder

This lightweight yet sturdy piece of compost grinder has a powerful chipper with a 15-amp electric motor to shred compost materials to a very small size


  1. They are electrical machines that do not run on gasoline, which emits gases that pollute the air.
  2. They have a chute and tamper tool that keeps your hand free and safe from the corded electric shredder.
  3. They have rear wheels for moving these machines around easily.

Why people love it

  1. They are easy to clean.
  2. They have a huge 1.2-bushel collection bin, which means you can shred more compost material per time.
  3. They are easy to maneuver and assemble.

4. Fruit and Apple Crusher

Kitchen Compost Grinder

This is a 7l manual juicer and grinder made from recyclable heavy-duty 304-grade stainless steel and rugged iron frame and table mount.


  1. They are manually powered
  2. They are made of stainless steel, while the blade materials are made of iron and stainless steel.
  3. They are lightweight, weighing about 12.5 pounds.

Why people like it.

  1. It is a very cheap grinder that works very well.
  2. It is easily the least stressful unit to assemble all these grinders.
  3. They are made from recyclable material, which makes them Eco-friendly.
  4. It grinds easily without getting pulp into the cider.

5. Dual Chamber Compost Tumbler

Kitchen Compost Grinder

This all-season, dual-chamber and high-volume composter has two sliding doors that can hold about 70 litres of compost material.


  1. They have two compartments which make for a faster and more efficient composting process.
  2. They come with a pair of Scott’s multi-purpose gardening gloves that are latex-free and water-resistant.
  3. They are made of Alloy Steel which can hold about 18.5 gallons of compost materials.

Why people love it.

  1. It gives real value for money
  2. It allows you to add compost ingredients to one side while waiting for the other side to cure.
  3. They are very efficient and durable.

6. Vitamix 068051 Food cycler indoor kitchen composter

Kitchen Compost Grinder

This is a grinder cum composter that can fit into your kitchen and not look out of place because of the design and size. These easy to operate grinder has a 2-litre capacity and is very durable


  1. The unit has a removable bucket at the center to pour your kitchen scrap and then process it.
  2. It has a carbon filter lid that eliminates odors
  3. It also comes with a carbon filter

Why people love it.

  1. This food recycler is compact, which means it can fit in most places and does not take up space.
  2. They are safe and easy to operate, which does not require much effort.
  3. The carbon filter lid they come with ensures that you have a composting process that is odorless, which are very quiet when being operated.
  4. They make for convenience and offer good value for money.

What Should You Not Put in A In Compost?

There are different reasons why you do not compost some materials, especially if you are into indoor composting; some food scraps will give off a nasty odor in your space.

While others will slow down the decomposition process, some other materials are not good for your plants, and that is why you leave them out of your compost bin.

  1. Your pet’s waste: the poops of your pets like dogs and cats should not be composted because they carry pathogens that cause disease not just for your plants, but also they could expose you and your pets to infections.
  2. Meats and fishes: these foods are not bad in themselves. It is the fact that they have a way of attracting not just insects and pests into your space, but they give off scents that wild animals love, and so they will follow the scent to your compost bin. So, if you are not ready for raccoons, skunks, rats, and the likes to invade your backyard, then keep these materials far from your compost pile.
  3. Infected or diseased plant materials: some bacteria, fungi and insects that are found in diseased plants can survive the hot compost pile, which means that if they are added to your compost pile, they can survive and hence when you apply the compost to your soil, they will resurface to attack your plant, and you don’t that.
  4. All treated wood materials should not be incorporated into your compost pile for fear that the chemicals used in treating them do not affect your plants when applied to the plant.
  5. Processed food, fats and greasy foods should not be included in your compost pile, that is because they like dairy, meat and fish scraps are delicacies ore wild animals who can invade your space because they find the kind of food materials they want in your compost.

Conclusion: Best Kitchen Compost Grinder

There is no gainsaying that composting is now the order of the day as people strive daily to ‘go green and that the benefits that it yields do not only help our plants but the planet as a whole by ensuring that only Eco-friendly materials that do not pollute our world that is used in growing plants.

With the array of composting machines and grinders that make composting easier, faster, and better, you have no reason why you wouldn’t want to use compost in your garden. The bonus is that they also help you in managing the waste in your kitchen and garden.

So go ahead and do your garden a favor by getting one of these compost grinders.

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