kiln Dried vs Air Dried Wood

Kiln Dried vs Air Dried Wood – Is kiln Dried Wood Better Than Air Dried?

Whether you are burning wood or using it for your home furniture, you will want to know which type of wood is best for you.

This brings us to the question, “is kiln dried wood better than air dried wood?” The answer is yes, kiln dried wood is better than air dried wood. This is because kiln dried wood doesn’t have insects creeping out of them, and they are readily available.

Both kiln dried wood and air dried wood have their advantages, but one is better than the other in some ways. 

In this article we will discuss in detail the comparison between the kiln and air dried wood, further answering your question on which one is better.

What Is Kiln Dried Wood?

kiln Dried vs Air Dried Wood

Kiln dried wood is made from artificially drying logs of wood in a drying chamber or an oven; about 50% of the moisture content is removed in this process.

Kiln drying is done at a temperature between 120 degrees Fahrenheit to degrees Fahrenheit; it removes moisture by vaporization.

Logs are stacked in a metal cage and then put in the kiln, which looks like a giant oven; a kiln dryer comes in different sizes; the size used depends on the number of logs being dried.

Kiln dried wood is great because it is available to use immediately and produces a lot of heat. Since some of its moisture contents have been dried off, it is readily available and is lighter, but its light weight makes it fragile.

Kiln dried wood needs to be appropriately stored or absorb moisture from a humid environment; purchasing kiln-dried logs can cost money.

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What Is Air Dried Wood?

kiln Dried vs Air Dried Wood

Air dried wood is Green logs that have been cut into small pieces and allowed to dry naturally for some time; it usually takes six months to 2 years to get logs air-dried.

Softwood may take less time to be air-dried and can be dried within 5 to 6 months compared to hardwood which may take up to 2 years to be dried.

This is because softwood has a simple structure compared to the complex structure of hardwood; softwood is also more permeable and lighter than hardwood. All these factors give softwood the upper hand when it comes to drying easily.

For logs to be air-dried appropriately, they need to be neatly stacked up in a closed room, but with adequate air circulation, for extra protection, a plastic tarp can be used to protect your logs from rain.

Although a lot of time is taken to naturally these logs, It is rare for an air dried wood to reduce its moisture content below 18%.

Air dried wood is cheaper as the process can be easily done at home, and unlike kiln dried wood, there is no overheating, so an air dried wood won’t have structural problems. Because air dried wood takes a lot of time to dry, it is not readily available.

The moisture in air dried wood doesn’t reduce that much, and to bring to have a lower moisture content, you will need to dry for a longer period.

Is Kiln Dried Wood Better Than Air Dried Wood?

Yes, kiln dried wood is better than air dried wood. Due to the intense heat during kiln drying, the logs are free from eggs and larvae from insects; with this, you don’t have to work about bugs creeping out of your wood or spreading any diseases.

It is also available in large quantities since it takes less time to dry, unlike air-dried wood that takes months to dry. Kiln dried woo burns to produce a lot of heat, this heat may come in handy during the winter, and a kiln-dried wood is also suitable to be used indoors to light your fireplace, make pizza and even build indoor furniture.

Is Kiln Dried Wood The Same As Pressure Treated Wood?

Pressure-treated wood has been treated with chemicals like copper azole and chromate copper arsenate to treat wood.

Pressure treatment on wood aims to make the wood more durable, resistant to decay, mold, insect infestation, and water damage.

Pressure-treated wood can be used for heavy construction, and like bridges, docks, guardrails, utility poles, and crossbars, they can also be used to make indoor furniture.

Kiln dried wood is not the same as pressure-treated wood; it has been intensely heated to make it durable, long-lasting, and insect-free. 

Pressure-treated wood has been cured with chemicals to give it the same properties, including other properties impressive features.

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FAQs About Kiln And Air Dried Wood.

Even with all of this information, you may still have one or two questions in mind. Fortunately, we will be answering your frequently asked questions concerning kiln and air dried wood.

What Does Air dried Wood Look Like?

Air dried wood will have a pale or slightly brown color when properly dried; green color indicates that your wood is not dried correctly. 

The barks of an air dried wood are easy to come off, and it weighs little compared to fresh wood; sap should not ooze out from your dried wood.

How Do You Store Wood Indoors?

You should store your wood in a room with adequate air circulation, ensure that your wood is dry as improperly dried wood contains insects and eggs.

If you encounter insects in your wood, DO NOT USE INSECTICIDE. Using insecticide can cause gases and a foul smell when burning your wood instead of allowing your wood to dry properly.

Why Does Wood Spit in a Fire?

When your wood contains a lot of moisture, the heat from your fire is used to vaporize the water into steam. The water exerts pressure on the wood, splitting it open and allowing the water to splash out.

Conclusion: Kiln Dried vs Air Dried Wood

If you were uncertain about what type of wood to buy for your fireplace, pizza oven, or indoor and outdoor furniture, this post should have informed you of the uses of the kiln and air-dried wood.

Kiln dried wood is best used in fireplaces and pizza ovens because of the amount of heat they produce; you can also store your kiln dried wood indoors. Air-dried wood can be used for outdoor construction like gates.

The most suitable type of wood for indoor furniture and outdoor furniture like decks is pressure-treated wood; this is because this wood is resistant to insect infestation and decay.

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