How to Keep the Dog Poop Under Control in the Back Yard

We all love our dogs, they are dear to our hearts and lovely and cute, but there is nothing remarkable about cleaning up the poop they leave behind ( just thinking about it grosses me out). As responsible owners, we got to do what we got to do.

There is no glamorous way of picking dog poop off your yard and disposing of them, even though picking them up with your hand is about the worst of them. You could scoop them up or vacuum them too.

What if it’s the poop from your neighbor’s dog you have to deal with? What do you do? We will tell you.

Be Careful With Poop

Cleaning dog poop is what we do every day as dog owners. We do this to keep our homes clean, welcoming, and disease-free. No one wants to walk into a yard littered with dog poop.

However, as you try to cleanse poop, you must do so with so much care and attention because they contain a list of infections that can be shared from dogs to humans, these types of infections are called zoonotic diseases, and they include SalmonellaCampylobacter, Roundworms, and even Hookworms.

Some of these diseases are so severe that they can lead to blindness, so the best way to avoid parasitic infection from dog pools to us is proper prevention of poop from touching us, giving these dogs their common drugs and deworming, and generally handling dog’s excreta with care.

The poop of dogs is classified as an environmental pollutant, and it is estimated that your average dog give-off about three-quarters of a pound of poop each day, which means that one dog alone produces about 274 pounds of poop yearly.

If these poop are left in the yard, they can pollute the surface and groundwater and stink up the whole place. So correctly disposing of dog poop makes for a healthy environment.

How to Keep the Dog Poop Under Control in the Backyard

Dog Poop

To keep dog poop in your backyard under control, you have to lift them off the surface in your yard, and to get them off the surface, you have to use any of these methods:

Pick Them By Hand

It is the easiest and the grossest way of getting dog poop off your yard. You must use your dog’s poop bag as a glove on one hand, pick up the poop, and drop it into another poop bag.

It would be best if you went for an Eco-friendly biodegradable bag that can quickly break down in the environment. Most of these bags are inexpensive and leak-proof.

You Could Scoop It Up

Now if you can stand the thought of using your hand to pick your dog poop, you can opt for a pooper scooper. There are lots of these scoopers you can find online and in stores.

Some scoopers are single- a component that consists of a tube with a handle in the middle and a shovel-like shape on the other end.

All you have to do is to attach any bag to the top end and then scoop up the poop and raise the tube vertically to send the poop down into the bag.

Others have a plastic rake and a swiveling bin with hooks to hold a bag on, and they have activated baking soda which helps stop the odor. There are lots of different designs of pooper scoopers to suit every taste (how ironic, talking of taste and poop scooper).

You Can Vacuum It

We wish we wouldn’t have to add this method because it’s a disgusting way of caring for dog poop in your yard. A cordless dog poop vacuum can suck dog poop from all kinds of surfaces.

A plastic bag is fitted inside the canister and positioned so that no poop touches any part of the vacuum. This dog poop vacuum has some reviews, but it is excellent for dealing with watery dog poop due to diarrhea.

How About Freezing It

If you are dealing with diarrhea poop from your dog and you don’t have the dog poop vacuum, then you can freeze it with a device known as Super Cold 134, which, when sprayed on the runny poop, turns the Caca into solid poop.

Use A Hose

Another way to deal with dog diarrhea is to jet-spray it with a hose. You, however, have to be careful where you can use a hose on the poop since you don’t want the poop near your vegetable garden or your kid’s sandbox, for instance.

How To Dispose of Dog Poop

How To Dispose of Dog Poop

Now that you have successfully gotten the poop off your yard, the next question is how to dispose of the poop. Here are some of the forms you can get rid of dog waste:

You Could Bury The Poop

They say out of sight is out of mind, and burying your dog waste is a convenient way to dispose of it. But to be environmentally friendly, you must get a Doggie Dooley septic tank which you bury in the ground up to the lid. When you dump the feces in the tank, add some Doggie Dooley digester powder at least once a week. It will help to control the stink and break down the Caca.

You Could Flush

Don’t be horrified that you might have to share a toilet with your dog. No, you don’t flush the doo-doo in your toilet. Instead, you can get a doggie doo drain which you screw into your 3 or 4 inches septic or sewer clean-out.

When you desire to get rid of the waste, remove the built-in plug and then dump the poop, and use a hose or bucket to rinse it down the drain.

How About Turning It Into Compost

Now, before we go any further, we know that it is not suitable for one to compost dog poop. Still, according to the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (they have a small brochure outlining the step-by-step procedure to compost dog feces), you can compost dog poop. Still, it should never be used for plants you will eat. Instead, you can use them on your flower beds, making your bloom even more beautiful.

Keeping Your Neighbour’s Dog From Pooing In Your Yard

Cleaning up the mess your beloved dog litter around your yard is a chore and an unpleasant one at that, but when it has to do with a dog from the neighborhood making your yard its toilet, that is unbearable.

Dogs do that a lot. They can leave their owner’s home and come to yours to doo-doo. If this becomes a habit for any of your neighbor’s dogs, then you will have to take drastic measures like:

Use Scents They Hate

Dogs have very sensitive noses, they can pick up smell quickly, and you can use this trait to your advantage in keeping your neighbor’s dog from your yard. You could go for different things whose smell is unpleasant for dogs and keep them from where the dog usually gains entrance into your yard or even around the boundary of your home. Here are some things that will repel dogs:

  1. Commercial dog-repellent spray.
  2. Garlic
  3. Ginger
  4. Ammonia
  5. Citrus trees, fruits, or juice
  6. Rue plants
  7. Cayenne pepper
  8. Citronella plants or oil

Ward Them Off With A Barrier

The best way to keep dogs from pooping in your yard is to ensure they don’t gain entrance, and you can do this by building a fence or a hedge that does not have gaps where a dog can squeeze through.

If you can’t fix a wall, you could create a barrier along the ground which could be made of rough landscaping, rocks, mulch, or anything that would be painful for dogs to walk on.

Go For A Motion-Activated Lawn Sprinkler

Who says your sprinkler system is not versatile? It is. If you install the kind of sprinkler system on your lawn that gets activated by motion, the system immediately turns on whenever someone (or some dog) steps into your yard.

The jet of water will keep your neighbor’s dog from gaining access to your yard and pooping there.

Get An Ultrasonic Repelling Device

Do you know that there is an ultrasonic repelling device that emits a tone that humans can’t hear but that can drive dogs and even wild crazy? Owning one of these devices in your yard will cause those pooping dogs to be far away.

This ultrasonic repeller’s beauty is that it can’t cause the dogs any lasting damage, and because the sound can’t travel through walls, it won’t bother any pets inside your house.


Cleaning dog poop is unpleasant, but every responsible dog owner who wants to maintain a clean home must do this daily. You may also want to check out What to Do with Deer Poop in the Yard?

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You could pick this poop up, hose them, scoop them up with a scooper or even freeze them before disposing of them by burying or throwing them in a septic tank. In any case, it will leave your yard dog poop-free.

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