Can You Apply Teak Sealer Over Teak Oil

Can You Apply Teak Sealer Over Teak Oil?

Woods are some of the most popular products for building and making lots of things, and one type of wood is popular for making furniture and other such product, which is teak. Teak is a unique wood, especially in terms of color and durability.

Because of how valuable teak is, there is a need to take care of it so that it keeps looking good, and that is why we can apply oil, sealant, paint, and the like to keep it looking good and lasting longer.

If you are wondering if you can apply a sealant when you have already oiled your teak, the answer is Yes, but under certain conditions. Read along, and learn more!!!

What is Teak

Teak, scientifically known as Tectona grandis, is hard and dense wood from the deciduous teak tree, which is common in some parts of the Asian continent. 

Teak wood is very expensive because it has a lot of desirable characteristics, including:

1. It is a very hard wood that is dense and does not crack, warp or bend even after a long time.

2. Teak wood has natural oils that keep them from rotting.

3. They also have some natural rubber-like material, resins, which protect against insect attacks.

4. Teak is beautiful and elegant, especially with its tawny, golden hue is very attractive.

It there yet doesn’t come as a surprise that teak is one of the most expensive woods available, and hence any furniture made from this wood must be properly taken care of so that it can maintain its glow and sheen.,

Products That Can Be Used To Protect Teak

Since teak wood is very pricey, taking care of them is paramount, and many materials can be used to keep this wood looking good. There are your main materials for taking care of your teak furniture, and they are:

  • Teak Oil
  • Teak Sealer

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1. Teak Oil

Many believe that all oil is gotten from the teak tree, but this is not true. Teak oil is gotten from linseed or tung oil, with a few other ingredients.

Teak oil is applied on teak wood to give it a rich, warm, luxurious look because it accentuates the color and grain of the wood.

Team oil is also applied to the teak furniture to keep water and moisture from penetrating the wood, which will cause it to rot.

Even though teak oil does not protect the wood, especially from the elements, it helps keep the wood’s warm appearance.

For teak wood to be effective, you must apply several coats of teak oil because its effect wears off easily. This is because when the wood is coated with the oil, it gets carbonized by sunlight and ultraviolet rays, which makes it lose its glow.

2. Teak Sealer

Teak sealers are liquids that are applied on teak to seal the resins that are contained in the wood, while at the same time preventing moisture and other contaminants from getting into the wood.

Teak sealers are applied annually to protect the wood from stains, rain, and sun rays while also locking the oil produced naturally by the teak in and keeping it lush and pliable.

You can also keep mildew from invading teak by applying the sealant on them too, and these sealants come in different colors, including brown, honey brown, gold, and classic teak.

Teak sealant should not be applied on newly bought track furniture until after at least a week of it drying properly because it will need to adjust to the climate of the new environment.

Can You Apply Teak Sealer Over Teak Oil?

Yes, you can apply teak sealer and over teak sealer if you don’t apply it immediately. Applying a teak sealer over freshly oiled teak is not right because teak oil takes some time to seep in.

Hence after oiling the teak, you should leave it in a sunny and well-ventilated place for at least 2 weeks before applying the teak sealer.

Many believe that using a teak sealer over oiled furniture is not important. Still, you must understand that applying a sealer is not just for aesthetic appeal but to keep the teak safe from the elements. And whenever you apply the teak oil or sealant, ensure that the manufacturer’s manual is followed to the latter.

Taking Care Of Teak Furniture

Asides from the use of teak oil and sealant to rejuvenate your teak, there are other things you can do to keep it looking new, including:

1. Cleaning The Teak Furniture

Teak is not only Eco-friendly furniture, but it is also quite easy to clean, all thanks to the natural oil produced.

It is best to clean your teak furniture before summer, and to do this, simply use mild dish soap and a brush to scrub along the grain (never use brass wool or steel wool on teak because they are too abrasive). Afterward, you can use a soft cloth to wipe it dry or get rid of dust and debris.

Even though pressure washing is good for wood decks, this is not so for teak furniture because water can easily discolor and damage the wood’s surface, making it look coarse.

2. Get Rid Of The Stains

There are lots of things that can stain your teak, especially if it’s outdoor furniture. Grease, food, bird droppings, and the likes can leave a nasty stain on your beloved teak, and the sooner you can get rid of these stains, the better.

You can use a grade teak cleaner to remove such stains; you can also sand the area using a fine-grain stain if you are faced with a stubbing stain.

3. Sanding Teak Wood

If you want to give a fresh glow to your teak furniture, you can sand it using very fine sandpaper. This will make the furniture look brighter, and when you are done sanding it, use a clean, soft cloth to remove the wood dust and then seal the wood with a teak sealer.

4. Paint Your Teak

Painting or staying your teak is not recommended because the paint will prevent the wood’s natural color from shining. However, if your teak is aged and you want to paint it to look better, you should.

You, however, must remember that paint or stains do not have UV protection, nor can it prevent water from seeping into the wood; hence it only impacts the color of the wood.

You can use oil-based or latex paint on your teak, but you will have to deal with the fact that the paint does not adhere properly to the wood, so the original color of the wood will still show.

Secondly, teaks expand and contract a lot when exposed to changes in weather, and this will cause the wood to chip or crack. You can take care of this problem b applying a primer to the wood before painting it.5.

5. Staining The Teak

Polyurethane is a very good semi-transparent stain that you can use on your teak furniture. There are other oil-based and semi-transparent stains that you can use on your teak.

Staining this wood retains its natural color, while the stain will also keep the wood from getting damaged since it gives additional water-repelling properties.

6. Winterize Your Teak

The best way to take care of your outdoor teak furniture during winter is to bring it indoors because teak and moisture do not go well together.

If you must leave it outside, you must ensure that no part of the furniture gets soaked in water, not even the legs, because it will cause it to begin to deteriorate, and the first thing to happen is the growth of mildew. When you see your teak turning black, you can be sure that mildew is begging to grow on it.

There are many of protecting your teak from being soaked with moisture, but the best way apart from bringing it indoors is to always cover it completely with weather-resistant materials.


Teak is a common wood for constructing many things, but most importantly, furniture because it is a durable hardwood that you can enjoy for a long time.

Taking care of your teak is very important if you want it to retain that natural beauty, and you can do this by oiling or sealing it.

While many argue that you cannot apply a teak sealant on teak that you just oiled, we believe that you can; the only thing is that you will have to apply the sealant a couple of weeks after the teak oil is dry.

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