When Can Puppies Go Outside In The Yard

When Can Puppies Go Outside In The Yard

A dog is man’s best friend; their puppies are so dear to our hearts because they are so cute. If you have new puppies, you are probably in haste to take them out to your backyard and let them play away.

Well, you should only let your puppies go to your backyard once they have had their first round of vaccination, which should be when they are about 7 to 8 weeks of age. At this time, their immune system can at least ward off diseases.

When Can Puppies Go Outside In The Yard?

When Can Puppies Go Outside In The Yard

When your dog just got delivered those little puppies, you can imagine them playing away in your garden on a sunny day, rolling around, and having so much fun. It is simply one of the reasons we love those little cuties, but you can’t let them out yet for their health’s sake.

You might think you have the neatest backyard with everything spick and span and so you can let your young puppies out to play there.

The truth is that there are many pathogens to be found even in the cleanest places. Secondly, there are no guarantees that the other dogs and pets in your home are not carriers of disease-carrying organisms. Because young puppies are very susceptible to many diseases, they can quickly contact them.

Letting a puppy outside for the first time should be done immediately. Remember, its small and delicate frame, together with its curiosity and penchant for getting into mischief, are factors that can expose this little pup to undue health challenges.

So, if you ask,” when can my puppies go the yard,” we will tell you,” after their final rounds of vaccines are completed, when they are about 16 to 17 weeks of age or when your pup’s veterinarian suggests.”

Can My Puppies Go To The Yard Earlier?

Can My Puppies Go To The Yard Earlier?

Yes, your puppies can go to the yard sooner than 17 weeks, but with restrictions. You can probably get your pups to the yard and even to other very safe places, but you must seek advice from your veterinarian on when to take the pups out and where because some spots or areas are more prone to disease than others.

When taking your puppies out for the first time, the weather is a serious consideration. For instance, in mild weather, newborn puppies can be taken out to your backyard, but they must be supervised and confined to a small, safe area.

They should go out with other puppies and their mother, but the trip should be short, and they must be supervised closely.

Puppies are very vulnerable to extreme weather conditions. For instance, puppies should only be let out once fully vaccinated in sub-freezing temperatures.

St Bernard and huskies are breeds of dogs that can withstand cold weather, so they might be taken to the yard only for a short time, if necessary.

Heat-related illnesses are also a common problem for puppies, so in scorching weather, puppies should remain indoors, and if they must come outside, the visit must be kept short.

Why Would I Want To Take My Puppies To The Yard?

There are two main reasons why people would want to take their young puppies to the yard, the first is to potty-train them, and the second is to give them all the exercise they need. You want to start them out early, even when they are not fully vaccinated. It is especially true because you must train them early for it to stick.

Toilet Time

While It’s a great idea to teach a puppy to go to the toilet outside while it is still young, it must not be for a long time and must be kept safe even when they go.

They must stay away from any places other animals have been and from their poop, as they usually carry pathogens. It would be best if you instead got playpens or constructed one for the pups to use indoors until they are ready to go outdoors. But if they must make a doddle outside, they must do so in the same spot.

Exercise And Play

Do you know that contrary to what many believe, puppies do not need as much exercise or play as you might have thought? That is because they are very vulnerable at this time of their lives, so too much exercise and play can cause them pain, injury, and permanent damage.

What puppies need is to eat good food and get a lot of sleep to grow well, only a little exercise. So they require short play time and shouldn’t be running, climbing, or jumping around.

The chart below shows you how much play time or exercise puppies should get at different times of their lives.

  1. The 4-week-old puppy should get 5 minutes of exercise and play at most twice daily.
  2. Eight weeks old puppies should get 10 minutes of exercise and play at most twice daily.
  3. The 12-week-old puppy should get at most 15 minutes of play or exercise daily.
  4. Sixteen weeks old puppy shouldn’t get more than 20 minutes of play or exercise daily.

How To Keep Your Puppies Safe When They Are Outside

How To Keep Your Puppies Safe When They Are Outside

There are a few precautions you should take when you are taking your puppy outside, including:

  1. Be careful of other animals, especially dogs, in the environment, and be sure they are up-to-date on their vaccines before you bring your puppy close to them.
  2. If possible, always keep your puppies in a fenced yard, as it is safer because it will keep them from wandering outside while keeping out other animals.
  3. Restrict your puppy’s movement to your home, as it is safer than walking in other public places. So many dogs walk through parks and sidewalks, so it’s best to avoid such places for their health and safety until the puppies get older.
  4. Now another place to be very wary of is the vet clinic. While there are situations in which you must take your puppies to see the veterinarian, you must be very careful there because if a sick dog or any other animal is visiting, there is a chance they could leave something behind for your puppy to contract. It is best to keep your puppies off the floor if you can.

How To Keep Your Backyard Puppy-Proof

Now, even if your puppy is fully vaccinated, you should remember that they are still in a delicate state of their lives, so they are kept safe.

Since these puppies are more likely to spend a lot of time in the backyard, it is best you secure it and makes it safe for the puppies by:

Even once your puppy is vaccinated, they are still in a developmental phase. Having a puppy-proof backyard will further keep them happy and safe.

Keep the Lawn Short

  1. Keep your lawn short; it is an excellent way to keep fleas away. Remember, fleas love tall grasses and stay there until they find a host, and guess what? Puppies are a host of fleas, and once one latches on to your puppy, it reproduces, and getting them out of your puppy and home is not easy.
  2. Build fences around your ponds and pools to keep puppies from drowning there. Puppies are naturally cute yet curious creatures, and they might fall into the pool or pond even before learning to swim. So by fencing off these ponds and pools, you are keeping your little puppy safe.
  3. Keep all chemicals and even their containers away in your garage. Remember, these curious cuties can chew on anything they find around, like bug spray, which could be disastrous.
  4. Ensure you keep a sanitary environment that deters pathogens that prevent puppies from thriving. A clean environment makes for a clean and healthy puppy.
  5. If you intend to leave your puppy outside for a long time when they get older, ensure there is lots of shade and water. Keep their water bowl in a safe spot, and keep it full as best as you can. If you notice your dog digging holes in the ground, it is because it wants to relax. Too much sun is unsuitable for your dog, no matter how old they are.


Puppies are some of the cutest animals you find around. They are energetic, playful, and a joy to be with. However, when they are just a few weeks old, it can be a challenge to let them into your yard for peeing or playing because they are very susceptible to many diseases, especially as they have not received all their jabs.

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It calls for caution and carefulness both for you and your beloved puppy.

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