Waterproof Paint for Shower

Waterproof Paint for Shower – Best Waterproof Paint For Shower (4 Top Best)

Redecorating and painting your bathroom tiles makes them come alive and changes how you feel about your bathroom. Little wonder many people make their bathroom one of the most comfortable places to relax in their homes.

The color you paint your bathroom is not as important as the type of paint you use. Using waterproof paint in your bathroom is essential because of how damp it can get. 

All that steamy water splashes around make your bathroom very humid, leading to mold growth. There are lots of waterproof paint in the market that promises premium quality.

In this article, we have picked the best ones in the market for you, and guess what? We will tell which one we feel is the best amongst the best.

Why You Need a Good Waterproof Paint For Showers

Bathrooms are not like every other room in the home because they have a peculiarity that means we treat them differently from how we treat other rooms. They are always damp and moist because of the microclimate that the water and steam splashed in the bathroom create.

The damp air from the steam and water in the bathroom penetrates the layer of paint in your bathroom and then causes the paint to peel and, worse still, encourages the growth of molds.

The more permeable the paint you use in your bathroom, the more peel and mold you have; hence you need waterproof paint that is not permeable to steam and water so that your wall remains intact.

Waterproof paints like the high-gloss paints are also mildew-resistant, which makes them best for damp places like bathrooms, and the beauty about these paints is that they are so easy to clean.

While other types of paint absorb moisture and steam, peel, and encourage the growth of molds and mildew, waterproof paints or glossy finish makes the water that gets to them turn bead-like and then slide off the wall. 

Even though these paints are a little pricey, they are worth every single dime you spend on them, and they are pretty durable.

Buying Guide – Considerations Before Buying

Before you part with your money for the bathroom paint that you need, here are a few considerations that will help you get the best plant that suits your need:

1. The Type Of Paint

There are different types of paint that you can find around. There are different ways of classifying paint types, and they are:

a. Water-based paints

These are also known as latex paint, and they consist of a pigment and binder in which water is used as the carrier. Water-based paints are pretty common, and they are also environmentally friendly.

They produce less odor, dry faster, and retain color faster over time. If you want water-based paint for your bathroom, ensure you buy a washable one.

b. Oil-based Paint

These are paints in which particles of pigments are dissolved in a drying oil which is usually linseed oil. They are slow-drying, and their viscosity can be altered by adding other solvents like white spirit or turpentine.

You can increase the glossiness of these paints by adding varnish to them. Oil-based paints are suitable for a bathroom because they are durable. The only snag is that they dry slowly between costs, and they also have an odor because they release a lot of volatile organic compounds.

Paint types can also be classified based on how glossy they are into:

i. Flat Paints:

This type of paint is used in low-traffic areas where people will not always touch the walls; they absorb moisture and may not suit that bathroom you want to be painted.

ii. Eggshell Paint:

This is much like flat paints and is not suitable for places with a lot of moisture; however, they can be washed lightly; unlike flat paints, they have a slight sheen.

iii. Satin Paint:

This paint has some glow, at least better than the first two. You can use this paint on the walls and ceilings of the bathroom, especially if they are low moisture bathrooms.

iv. Semi-gloss Paint:

This is the kind of paint you need for your bathroom, it can repel moisture, so it is an excellent finish for your bathroom. It is, however, not the highest-gloss paint that there is.

v. High-gloss Paint:

This is the best paint that you need for your bathroom. It is very glossy, so it can easily show any flaw in your bathroom walls, like a bump or blemish.

2. The Form Of The Paint

Some paints are painted with a brush to help you apply several coats to get your desired look. Some paints come in aerosols that are sprayed. They are all great for the bathroom; it all boils down to your choice.

3. The Drying time Of The Paint

Different paints dry faster than others. Latex paints dry faster than Oil-based paint. Spray paints dry faster than those that are applied with a brush. In contrast, some paints can dry in a few minutes, some dry after about 12 hours or more.

4. Versatility

Different paints are made specifically for different purposes; reading the manufacturer’s manual will inform you how versatile the paint you are buying is and if you can use it on bathrooms and other surfaces.

5. Environment-friendly

Some paints contain ingredients that are not good for our environment; they could cause mild health problems for kids and pets. Most paints with high-level of volatile organic compounds, additives, and surfactants are not environmentally friendly.

6. Container Size

Paints in different sizes of and you choose the container size based on the area you want to paint. You can get one big container size if you want to paint a large area, proving a wiser choice than buying a much smaller paint size.

7. Price

This is perhaps the most important factor you consider while shopping for paint for your bathroom. Most waterproof paints that are good for the bathroom are a little more expensive than others, and you should keep this in mind.

8. Paint Colour

You can paint your bathroom any color of your choice, but using lighter colors makes bathrooms that are usually small in size look larger and brighter than they are.

Before You Paint That Bathroom

You have to remember a few things before you apply that coat of paint to your bath. The first thing is that you should remember to Scrub the shower surface to get rid of soap scum and mildew that might grow there. You can use an all-purpose cleaner to clean off that model and any debris in your shower.

You should sand surfaces with glossy paints to give them some teeth so that the new paint can adhere to them because if you paint the surface without sanding it, there will be little adhesion of the new paint to the wall; it will slide off the surface.

If the bathroom wall is bare without any paint, prime the wall with a mildew-resistant quality primer; if there is paint already on the wall, use the suitable primer: you use a latex primer for latex paint and an oil primer for an Oil-based paint.

The Waterproof Paints For Bathroom

Even though there are lots of waterproof paints ideal for your bathroom, we have made four picks that we believe to offer you the best product at a good price and quality. We rank them accordingly.

The Best Waterproof Paint Bathroom is:

1. Rust-Oleum Mold & Mildew Proof Interior Paint

Waterproof Paint for Shower

This product by Zinsser is our best pick for waterproof bathroom paints. It is mildew and mold resistant that is meant for the interior of your bathroom.

It is formulated specially to be moisture resistant that seals the walls and leaves a perfect finish. This product is easy to apply and can be applied by even a novice or DIY fan.

Why It is Our Best Pick

1. This product which is good value for money, is very scrubbable, makes it ideal for your bathroom.

2. With this product, you don’t necessarily need to prime the wall before using this paint; this is because it is self-priming.

3. It is mildew and moisture-resistant, which is why it is great for bathrooms.

Bad Reviews

1. The eggshell finish and flat finish are difficult to find online.

The Second Best Waterproof Paint For the Bathroom Is:

2. Diamond Brite Kitchen & Bath Paint

Waterproof Paint for Shower

This cost-effective waterproof paint is our second-best option because it prevents moisture and mildew from growing on your walls; the wall it is painted on can easily be washed with water and soap.

You can apply this paint with a brush, roll, and spray, making it the paint of choice for people who are just learning to paint their walls.

You can use this paint in any high-traffic area and places with lots of moisture, like bathrooms.

Why You Will Like This Paint

1. This paint is acrylic latex paint that is easy to use and clean.

2. You can use it for high traffic areas without fear of it getting stained.

3. It is moisture and mildew-resistant.

Bad Reviews

1. They do not have many colors readily available.

Third Best Paint For The Bathroom :

3. Rust-Oleum WaterTite Waterproofing Paint

Waterproof Paint for Shower

This is another quality product from Zinsser; as the name suggests, it is a moisture-resistant paint that can resist about 34 PSI of water pressure, and so it is a good option for painting high-moisture areas like bathroom walls.

Why You Will Love This Paint

1. This paint is very durable.

2. It is water-resistant even to as .uch as 34 PSI water pressure.

3. You have painted with as much as five years of mildew and mold guarantee and a lifetime waterproof guarantee that attests to its durability.

Bad Reviews

1. It is quite expensive when compared to other paints like it.

2. It comes mostly in white paint; other colors are rare.

Our 4th Best Waterproof Paint For Your Bathroom.

4. The Prestige Paints Interior Paint & Primer In One

Waterproof Paint for Shower

This waterproof paint that will look good on your bathroom wall comes as a combo in which the primer and the paint come in one container, which means you do not have to buy a primer for that wall if you are getting this paint.

This paint comes in many unique colors, which are over 50 in number, giving your bathroom a unique finish. it also offers different types of finish from the eggshell finish to the flat finish; the semi-gloss paint finish, to mention just a few

Why You Will Love This Paint.

1. It comes in many different colors and finishes that give you a wide variety to choose from.

2. It is very durable and relatively easy to wash.

Bad reviews

1. It is not resistant to molds and mildew.

2. It does not have a matte finish with a low sheen.

Conclusion: Waterproof Paint for Shower

Choosing the right paint for your bathroom can be the difference between having a place to relax and shower or an almost disgusting place.

Not all paints are suitable for your bathroom because it is a place that is damp and humid because of the amount of water that is splashed there and the steam that is generated there and hence only waterproof paints should be used in your bathroom.

There are different considerations to consider as you shop for paint for your bathroom from the paint type, price, versatility, amongst others.

So you can change the feel of your bathroom by applying a coat, or two of one of these paints that we believe are the best in the market.

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