Is the Osiria Rose Real

Is the Osiria Rose Real? Find Out Here!

Osiria is a delectable flower renowned for its 2-tone colors of bright red and even brighter white that has a very fragrant smell that makes great for a bouquet.

Many people, however, have only seen this flower on the Internet and have never seen it eye to eye, which is why many say Osiris Rose is not real.

The rise flower Osiris is not a mirage, it is a real flower that truly exists, but the thing is that most of the pictures of the flower you see on the Internet are so photoshopped that they look.

Is the Osiria Rose Real?

Roses are some of the most beautiful things on Earth, and their fragrance is out of this world. With over 150 species found globally, it is the most sought-after flower for a show of love and affection.

However, it is a specie of rose that seems to have taken the world by storm (by the world, we mean the Internet); it is the Osiris rose.

Yes, Osiris is a real flower that is a product of the genetic breeding of Hybrid Rose and Tea Rose in 1978 by a German breeder named Reimer Kordes.

So the Rose breed has been around for over 40 years; perhaps it is the increase in the number and frequency of people who surf the web these days that has this rose breed risen to the limelight.

Osiria is a breathing taking flower, but we promise you that the flower is not as dramatic both in color and beauty as most of the pictures we see on social media, which are highly enhanced. So you might be a tad disappointed when you see the real Osiris because it might not be as beautiful as you imagined.

Why The Name “Osiria”

Even though the name “Osiria” sounds exotic, the name does not connote it; it is not a German name as you would expect because the breeder is from Germany, but it got this name in France when it was introduced to that country.

Some people loosely connect the name to Egypt because if you go back in time, Egyptians had a God called Osiris, the god of the dead and the underworld judge. They believed that the red and white colors of the Osiria depicted blood and judgment. (We don’t know)

Some other people believe that the flower’s name is meant to honor a sunken island named Osiria, which is similar to the famous Atlantis Island.

We are sure there might be other reasons people will put out that are responsible for the flower’s name, but by and large, the history behind the name of the flower is as elusive as growing one in the garden.

Is It Challenging Growing Osiria Rose?

Growing Osiria Rose poses a big challenge, and that is why most of you hear of the flower on the Internet, and few people can say they have successfully grown the flower.

For starters, the cuttings of this flower are difficult to find, and the seeds that some people advertise for sale online have a very low success rate (got this from customers’ reviews).

Another challenge with growing Osiria Rosebush is the fact that it usually has poor plant health; while some plants, when given an optimum growth condition, thrive, this is not the case with this plant; even under ideal conditions, you can never be 100% sure that the Osiris rose bush will do well.

Secondly, even if you succeed in growing the bush, it usually produces very few flowers and is slow to re-bloom; now, what is a rose bush plant without flowers?

Another issue that stems from growing this pristine, velvety red flower is that they are very susceptible to pests and diseases. Insects like caterpillars, aphids, leafhoppers, and spider mites usually attack this rose bush and can cause untold destruction.

Osiria rose bush is susceptible to diseases like rose dust, black spot, and powdery mildew, which can indoors the hard work you put into growing the bush.

The implication is that if you want Osiria rose in your garden, then be ready to fight these pests off. However, if you have a green thumb and you also have a lot of patience, you will be able to grow this flower.

How Do You Take Care of Osiria Rose Bushes

The first challenge that will confront you with growing Osiris Rosebush is getting the seed for planting. At the same time, some online shops advertise it, many of these seeds do not do well when planted, and your best bet would be to buy an already established seedling of the flower.

The Osiria rose bush, if properly taken care of, can take about 2 to 5 years for the plant to grow to full maturity, and it can grow to a height of 4 feet and 3 feet wide. They are sun-loving plants like most rose bushes, and they are also slow-growing with quite a few numbers of flowers.

For Osiria rose bushes to thrive and have healthy new growths, you have to regularly remove deadheads. You should prune the bushes when they are actively growing in spring; this pruning is done to eliminate some of the inner branches to ensure good ventilation throughout the plant.

Osiria Rose, that cold-hardy plant thrives in zones 6b to 10b, and It always overwinters, so you can mulch the plant to protect it from cold. The best time to fertilize Osiris rose bush is in early spring, when rapid growth, and mid-summer.

Alternatives to Osiria Rose

With the numerous challenges associated with growing Osiria rose bush, you might want to look for other rose bushes that are bi-color to plant in your garden that look almost as good as Osiria but without the challenges. Below are some alternatives to Osiris bush.

1. Gemini Rose

This is a lovely flower with a creamy white center with a coral edge, and each of the flowers takes a perfect form. As this flower bush gets older, the color of the flower becomes more intense, and the stem gets longer too. Gemini Rise has a very light yet sweet fragrance, and you can get them in most flower shops.

2. Coretta Scott King Rose

This is another alternative to Osiria rose, but its Grandiflora rose is a lot paler than the colors of Osiris Rose; they, however, still have the 2-toned looks that is characteristic of Osiris rise.

This Hardy plant grows well; it is in zones 4-10. This “Osiria Rise Impostor” fragrance is quite moderate, and its colors are creamy-white with orange coral tips.

3. Nostalgie Rose

This is another hybrid tea rose as Osiria rose with creamy white petals edged with cherry red borders. The good news about this flower is that it blooms all through the growing season, and it has a lovely and mild fragrance. You can find this rise on sale in most flower shops.

4. Dream Come True Rose

As the name implies, this is a dreamy, bushy, and vibrant Rose that, unlike Osiria rose, produces a lot of bloom. It has 2 colors, just like Osiris rose, but the color combination on this flower is yellow while the edges are Ruby red. This plant can thrive in many climates, but the best place where they do well is in cooler temperatures.

So if you want a bicolor flower in your garden, your first choice is Osiris rise. Still, due to the challenges of growing it, you have not been able to see it successfully bloom in your garden, then plant any of these 2-coloured-Rose bushes; they are all Lookers too and will give you something to be proud of when you have visitors.


Osiria is a lovely flower to look at not just because of its 2-color combination but also because it has delicateness and enchanting fragrance. However, you must know that most of the ones you see on the net are photoshopped because the real flower is not that dramatic.

Growing Osiria rose bush is challenging because getting a good cutting or seed is difficult, and pests and diseases easily attack it. Still, you can plant other bicolor flowers that look and smell almost like Osiria Rose.

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