Standard Swing Set

How Long is a Standard Swing Set?

If you are considering a swing set for your yard, you may be conflicted on the right size to purchase, especially if you want a piece suitable for children and adults.

The size you should consider for this purpose is the standard swing set, as it is suitable for kids and grownups, but one important question that runs through your mind is how long is a standard swing set.

We have reviewed the appropriate size of swing sets and things you need to keep in mind when putting your swing set together.

How Long is a Standard Swing Set?

The height of a standard swing set is 6 feet. Most modern swing sets are designed to be altered in terms of height, so if this size doesn’t suffice, you can always adjust. But the standard size is still perfect for pre-teens and adults; toddlers can use this swing with close supervision by adults around.

With a spacious yard, you should be able to fit the size of this swing set. It should have a beam of about 7 feet; this length can support a lot of weight and is great for 2 swings.

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How High Above The Ground Should a Swing Be?

This distance varies for the different types of swing sets. For a standard swing set, the swing should be at least 16 inches above the ground, making it safe for middle school kids and individuals above this age range.

Swings for toddlers and pre-school kids should be 12 inches above the ground for safety purposes. Since children within this category have short legs, a swing too high will make it difficult for them to get down from the swing easily.

How Much Does a Swing Set Cost?

It is important to know how much a swing set costs to make the right budget on how much you are willing to spend on the purchase and installation. The average cost of a swing set ranges from $100 to $500, but this amount depends on many factors.

Luxury and big swing sets will cost a lot as high-grade materials are used to manufacture them. If you need professional help installing the swing set, you will also spend some extra money, but it may help reduce the cost if you can carry out the installation on your own.

To build a swing set yourself, you will need to purchase the correct materials, tools, paint, and other additional features.

A simple swing set should cost less compared to other alternatives, so if you are looking for something on the affordable side, then you should consider this option.

Important Details To Know About a Swing Set Before Purchase

Whether you have chosen to go for a simple or luxury swing set, there are some details you should look out for before purchasing a swing set.

1. Safety Features

This is the most important component to look out for when choosing a swing set. The safety features included in a swing set can greatly determine its cost as well as how durable the set is. Some of these features include;

a. Solid beam

4 × 4 beams of wood should be used as they are of higher quality; they are usually considered because of their ability to hold great weight.

These types of wood are huge and heavy, so you should be careful when working with them. Another popular wood out there is the 2 × 4 wood, but this category of wood is weak and will not support a lot of weight.

b. Pre-sanded wood

Pre-sanded wood is known for being smooth compared to the rough texture natural woods have. Fortunately, most swing sets use pre-sanded wood to prevent anyone from having splinters.

Some woods also have holes drilled during production. This way, you don’t have to worry about creating holes in the wrong place.

c. Tough hardware

Some of the best swing sets utilize thick and heavy screws and bolts that are resistant to corrosion to prevent them from wearing out. And it is best not to consider nails for this project.

d. The surface beneath the swing set

You can use rubber mulch beneath your swing set as a safety measure for kids. This mulch does not attract insects and also does not rot in contact with moisture.

2. Space available for swing set

There are different swing sets, ranging from small to large. Before making a purchase, determine the size of your yard and the space available, and then look at the swing set you are considering. This will help you determine if it will fit without causing discomfort to the users.

You can even decide to measure the available space with a tape measure to gauge the accurate size of the space in your yard.

3. Maintenance Details

Although an instruction booklet is usually paired with the swing set, and perhaps you find yourself in a difficult situation having a hard time putting the swing set together, or if you are looking for proper guidance on how to maintain the swing set, you should visit the social media page of the company responsible for manufacturing the swing set. A short detailed video or illustration may be available showing how to carry out this task.


It can be difficult to choose the right size of swing set for your yard, but you can always get a standard swing set that is suitable for both kids and adults. We have provided the correct length of a standard swing and the right height of the swing set above ground.

We have briefly explained some important factors you need to consider before purchasing a swing set. These factors, as well as others, affect how much a swing set will cost. You also need to look at the materials used to build the swing set as they contribute to the purchase cost.

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